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Operation Rescue Russia and a big “F.U.” to Eurangloland

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Giving a raspberry

More and more of the world’s 85% are happy to give Eurangloland a big, public raspberry – and loving it (image by

A funny thing happened on the way to 500 years of Western Empire and colonialism. Russia just boycotted Eurangloland’s (The EU, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) food and agricultural products, which in itself is very telling about ongoing trends. But there’s more. The oppressed are biting back. Until recently, the ongoing reaction of the world’s non-Eurangloland governments to Russia’s stand (those which represent the 85% of our planet’s people), would have been unimaginable. So, sit back and enjoy the show.

In all fairness to this proud, global majority, you must add the peoples of Japan and South Korea to Eurangloland’s empire. They are militarily occupied, supine satraps to the Princes of Power in Washington. Groveling like dogs, they actually take their barking orders from the West seriously. Throw in a few more countries that cower at the feet of Western Empire and we can say that about 20% of the world’s people rule the remaining 80%, not much differently than the pharaohs did over their subjects and slaves in Ancient Egypt. The Pareto principle applies here too. This secondary list of client states waxes and wanes, depending on how recently the CIA/MI6/DGSE deep state has installed a whore government in their puppet, local halls of power, or as in the Philippines recently, which prostrated itself to America’s Worldwide Wehrmacht. Ukraine is the most recent prom slut for Western servitude and so far, Venezuela is holding out admirably against the West’s internal efforts at regime change.


Kudos to Russia for its genius to pick ag products as a punch in the solar plexus of power. As Deena Stryker recently pointed out in a recent article,

Anyone who has witnessed European farmers drive their tractors into the center of Brussels and dump crops in front of EU headquarters, knows the hold they have on legislators. Much of European agriculture takes place on family farms and the EU has had to create special rules and subsidies to keep its food producers happy.

Back in the United States this summer, I heard how stupid Putin and Russia were to ban food imports, since “the grocery shelves there are empty and Russians have nothing to eat”. Really? This just confirmed to me how insulated Americans are in their Fox-CNN-Wapo-NYT propaganda bubble. Herewith is a list of all the ag products, where Russia ranks at least in the world’s top four. Thank you FAO:

Russia world ranking food production

Wow, a pretty impressive food dossier, if you ask me. Given that much of Russia is in permafrost and the rest of the country has to deal with the world’s shortest growing seasons, it is not surprising that Russians want to import what they cannot meteorologically grow, such as temperate fruits and vegetables. Clearly, as the table above demonstrates, Russians don’t need to import a damn thing agriculturally, in order to be nutritionally self-sufficient. They are now simply much richer and can afford to pay for a more varied diet. Like any trading people, be they African or Asian, variety is the spice of life. Food trade has been going on for at least 8,000 years of sedentary civilization, probably much earlier,

Hey, Neanderthal Nate, I’ll trade you this here skin full of mastodon liver for that hindquarter of sabertooth tiger, wadda ya say, bub? N’ if you don’t mind me saying so, pal, gawd youz iz ug-i-ly!

For our pre-civilization ancestors, trade offered the possibility of direct mutual benefit. Much of the West’s five centuries of resource extraction around the world has been to take nutritious and tasty foods and spices from the lands of brown skinned peoples, those 85% just discussed, and bringing it back to home base for obscene profit and culinary pleasure, most of it too expensive except for the wealthiest members of society. So it goes.

Even funnier for the uninformed, Russia does not even rank among the world’s top ten food importers. If not then, who are the people so starving to death, that they must resort to importing food, in order to keep their grocery store shelves from being barren?

Map top 10 food importers

Hmm. Times must be tough in the United States, Western Europe, Japan and for all those obese millions in China, where diabetes, the scourge of modern, sedentary society, is now rampant.

Contrary to Western propaganda, picking ag products was pure genius on Russia’s part. Not only have they got millions of politically well-connected small farmers pissed off as mad hornets all across Western Europe, but these are products that We Hate the West countries can readily and happily supply, thus enhancing Russia’s relations with BRICS and NAM.

Now, Russia is threatening to ban car imports, which would be a dagger in the heart of Western Europe’s industrial heartland of Germany, Poland, France, Italy, etc. Russia’s car import numbers are not huge, so it would mostly affect BMW and Mercedes-Benz, since Ford, Volkswagen Renault, Toyota and Hyundai have invested $5 billion in automobile manufacturing inside Russia. Still, if you don’t think the Russians know what they are doing,

We are seriously concerned. We hope that the Russian government will think twice before taking any such measures as they would hurt all manufacturers,

Said Joerg Schreiber, chairman of the Association of European Businesses’ Automobile Manufacturers Committee. All manufacturers, my dear Herr Joerg? Or mostly European ones? The Russians would of course continue to only allow in the components or materials that are needed to keep their domestic auto industry humming.

Car manufacturing, like many other modern conveniences, has a web of thousands of secondary and tertiary suppliers who ripple across the economy. They would all be adversely affected. And which countries could fill the breach? Why, China and Korea of course. China’s Great Wall and Chery cars, as well as Korea’s SsangYong brand would love to take advantage of Europe’s suffering. Although it’s doubtful slavishly obedient Korea would go against its American master’s wishes and do so.

Remember, the first rule of the 1% is,

When they are down on the ground, stomp them as hard as you can in the face.

So, for the 99%, turnabout is fair play…

Thus, the world’s economically oppressed are starting to rise up. It only took hours after Russia’s announcement to boycott Western food, that the 85% were happy to give a cheeky kick to the world’s occidental mandibles. Latin America, which for 200 years has more or less been a Monroe Doctrine economic and political prostitute for Washington, was the first to go to the media (there are still poor Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, that are US client states – is it a coincidence it’s from these countries where all the tens of thousands of children are fleeing American “democracy” and capitalism – and not socialist Nicaragua?). Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil came out to proudly say they are ready to help Russia. The EU’s attempts to threaten these proud, now mostly independent countries is pathetic and denigrating. And since the servile EU cannot pass gas without Washington’s permission, the US is implicated too. Sorry Eurmerica, but your genocide of 100 million Native Americans ended some time ago. Take that Cortez! And you Jackson!

Argentina is a major meat and grain producer and added to its official Hell yes Eurangloland, we’ll increase our exports to Russia press release that,

(It) is reaffirming its status as food supplier to 400 million people at present and the world’s fifth-largest (food) exporter.

And then there is Brazil. Is there anything agricultural that this BRICS behemoth doesn’t grow? After all, it’s bigger than the continental United States and has the tropical climate to grow crops year round.

Next, the Chinese sounded their Buddhist long horns, announcing that they would move into high gear to build a huge, 100,000m2 special cross-border customs zone food market and warehouse complex on their northeastern border, in direct cooperation with their Russian colleagues. When the Chinese decide to do something, it will take them merely months to finish the project and get it launched.

At that point, even Eurangloland’s supposed allies began to pile on. Turkey, a key member of colonial NATO and an EU pretender, vocally announced,

We’re ready to increase food exports to Russia.

Ouch! Talk about a slap in the face. Egypt, a loyal Western client state that merrily helps Israel in the genocide of the Palestinians, is ready to go. Ditto Africa, with Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa making it public. Just to let Eurangloland know on which side their rye bread is buttered, Belarus and Tajikistan lined up to open the food flood gates to their colossus neighbor.

Even Serbia, which is trying to gain ascension into the EU, came out swinging at the West. This, in spite of explicit threats from Brussels. Tee hee. Maybe all those thousands of deformed babies and locals, due to NATO’s 50,000 rounds of depleted uranium laying around, is starting to get to them, a high price indeed to pay for servitude to the West’s Princes of Power. Ahh, uranium 238, the gift that keeps on giving – for 4.5 billion years.

In addition to this impressive list of countries now unafraid to give Eurangloland a huge, slobbery raspberry in the face, Russia is also contacting Colombia, Kyrgyzstan, Mauritius, Mexico, Mozambique, Paraguay, Peru and Sri Lanka, to sign food import contracts. Now that Russia has become the world’s sixth largest gold owner, even surpassing voracious China, as well as sitting on the world’s fifth largest pile of foreign cash reserves, more than the United States or any EU country, we can fall back on that ever-so-true adage of American capitalism,

Money talks and shit walks.

Then there are all the numerous, unnamed countries, too timid to give Eurangloland a public kick to the cohones, but will happily and quietly fly to Moscow, food export contracts in hand.

In sum, Russia’s choice of food and agriculture products to boycott was a brilliant stroke of win-win diplomacy and economics for the world’s 85%, and superb strategy to rally them to help join in the decline of Western Empire. This would have all been unimaginable 15-20 years ago, and looking back, maybe even ten years. Today it’s food, tomorrow automobiles and next? Americans: continue watching Fox and CNN. Keep your faces buried in the New York Times and the Washington Post. Europeans, keep licking Uncle Sam’s blood spattered, Gladio-NATO boots with spineless servitude. It’s all coming undone under your noses faster than a speeding Chinese bullet train.


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