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Hamas uses civilian deaths as propoganda

There is a great divide between proof Islamists sacrifice their women and children, and those willing to believe it as they prefer to focus on blaming Jews and Israel at every opportunity.  Although the evidence of Islamist behavior is overwhelming, many prefer to blame the sticks growing that block their view of the forest–obviously because the sticks are a political tool of the ruling class.

I know I am not quoting Achmed the blogger as “proof” as so many here try to use, but the evidence continues to pile up:

That page appears to set out guidelines on how to hide weapons and ammunition in civilian areas, how to transport them into buildings and how to conceal or camouflage explosives.

It is marked at the bottom with “Izz-el-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Training and Guidance Branch, Engineering Corps”. The al-Qassam Brigades are the military wing of Hamas, the Islamist group that has controlled Gaza since 2007. Unlike other Hamas documents, the page bears no Hamas logo.

“The process of hiding ammunition inside buildings is intended for ambushes in residential areas and to move the campaign from open areas into built up and closed areas,” reads the document, written in Arabic.

“Residents of the area should be used to bring in the equipment,” it continues, adding: “For jihad fighters, it is easy to operate inside buildings and take advantage of this to avoid (Israeli) spy planes and attack drones.”

The guidelines also explain that “the action of hiding weapons inside a building must be carried out secretly and shouldn’t have a military character”.

Media sources from varied sources have witnessed, reported and filmed Islamists firing rockets from civilian areas, including the use of hospitals and schools for the storage and firing of weapons.  But Islamists deny such evidence as propaganda, so people can claim it is all a conspiracy of Jews and Americans.  The followers of Achmed the blogger will certainly line up behind the elected leaders of Gaza and decry this as a fabrication–even through the evidence on the ground is the best evidence that this is the operational guidelines of Islamists

The basics here are as obvious as the trees blocking the view of the forest–Islamists have no chance of winning this war, rather hoping the death of innocent people (in many cases any deaths that are then deemed civilian) will get the blogging propagdists on the bandwagon to avoid the obvious truth.

There is no difference between the tactics of the Islamist State and Hamas.  Islamist behavior is replicated throughout the world attacking innocent civilians as their means of waging war, while the propaganda campaign is fought denying this is reality–while blaming Jews and Americans at every opportunity.  Please note that in Syria, where deaths far out number the Gaza war, the cruelty even greater, the blog world following the “insights” of Achmed avoid any real desire to describe the death and destruction–afterall, there are no Jews and Americans to blame.

The propagandist argument that Hamas was started by Israel is often cited–yet the fact it was started as an attempt to counter Arafat and plant seeds within a movement for peace (eventually hijacked by Islamist thinking/hate and desire for domination that has evolved–just ask the thousands of Christians raped and murdered in Iraq).

Elected governments who drag out people into the street and shoot them without due process, are accepted by the blogger crowd, because those elected officials say those killed were helping Jews and Americans.  The hell with due process.  And people are allowed to elect anyone they want–without being held accountable for the actions that follow, because they are fighting a war against Jews and Americans.

On the lost road of liberalism seeking to defend the “underdog” at any cost, there is little to no wonder why the cries from this crowd fall on more and more deaf ears–which has dangers in itself.  The left is a reaction from the abuses of the right. Just as the right is a reaction from the abuses from the left.

As the death and destruction be Islamists continues throughout the globe, targeting innocent civilians as their tactic on the road to their desired domination and installation of the Sharia state, those relying on Achmed the blogger as their defense for blindness will continue–just as blaming Jews and Americans for all evil, because the Islamist propaganda owns them lock stock and barrel.

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