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Mexican kids, world’s luckiest!

Mexican children, unlike their unfortunate neighbors from slightly to the south, are apparently to be envied for the secure and loving bosom  in which their enlightened country envelops them.

Notwithstanding the depravity of Mexican narco traffickers, who will not hesitate to decorate the public square with the heads of those who discomfort them, no Mexican children are forcibly recruited as drug couriers, sellers, or lookouts, unlike those unfortunates in Honduras, El Salvador, or Guatemala.

Despite a rather complaisant attitude towards the sexual exploitation of women, no Mexican girls are coerced into prostitution by local gangsters, with or without the cooperation of their relatives, who may be destitute but who are nonetheless motivated (by contrast with families in several Central American countries) to protect their young girls from these horrors.

Thus, when in 2008 a government of the United States, moved by the plight  of children seeking asylum from the nightmare of Central American squalor fueled danger, wrote into law a number of safeguards directed at ensuring that no child apprehended by our border control system would be summarily returned to possible dismemberment, it behooved us to exempt from this protection children of Mexican nationality.


Now, laboring under the inconvenience of the distinction wrought so recently by a compassionate congress (and that famously compassionate conservative bleeding heart, George W Bush) we have the obscenity introduced in both houses of congress called the HUMANE ACT.

A famous Burns and Schreiber routine features a faith healer who tries to cure a “poor unfortunate” of the immobility that afflicts one of his hands. ‘Oh Lord, make one hand like the other!’.  The Lord complies.

Cuellar and Cornyn are a modern Burns and Schreiber, trying to make Central American kids as unprotected as Mexican kids.   What we should be doing is making Mexican kids as safe as Central American kids.

The  Helping Unaccompanied Minors and Alleviating National Emergency ACT?.  It should be called the Judicially Undertaking Steps To Find Undocumented Captive Kids,and Encouraging Murder Act.

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