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Martinez v. Clinton in 2016

Martinez v. Clinton in 2016

It’s been a “slow news day” for these past several days, and of course, current conventional wisdom means that any “talk” as to who will become the GOP’s presidential nominee, should be withheld until after November’s election, does not necessarily hold true.  But, the “go to guys” don’t have all the likely answers when it comes to the politics here in the Southwest, and in particular, my geographical region that is the Sonoran Desert.

Therefore and since I reside on the liberal side of the political aisle, my view is that New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez would drive a stake through the heart of pundits and potential candidacies of the highly regarded, from Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, and to all who have presidential aspirations.  And of course, Martinez, and who has yet to demonstrate or announce her aspirations, and if she did, would effectively be co-opted  and become a lightly regarded opportunist for becoming the Vice President nominee or a second chair selection on any Republican ticket.

So, if your political expertise on New Mexico politics is readily available, feel free to express yourself.  As such, you will become an invaluable voice here at the Firedoglake, and with a voice for the Art of Becoming and equivalent to the First Rank.





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