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Senior Hamas Leader Claims Responsibility for the Israeli 3 teens

After weeks of being told that Israel was lying when accusing Hamas of kidnapping and then murdering the three Israeli teens, we are learning it was indeed Hamas behind the kidnapping. I will not re post what some here have said or claimed. Here are the facts, as we know them now.

Remember how it started? NYMAG published an article claiming that “It Turns Out Hamas May Not Have Kidnapped and Killed the 3 Israeli Teens After All” then after some web sites started to refute most the article, NYMAG publishes a different article, partialy refuting their earlier one “Israel Now Says It Has Proof Hamas Kidnapped the Three Teens”.

Israel then names in court paper Hussam Qawasmeh as the leader of the cell who planned and executed the kidnapping. Arrest by Israel in Abduction of 3 Youths Is Made Public Israel claims it waited to make it public so they could still investigate. Israel claimed he got the money from Hamas from his brother Mahmoud Qawasmeh who was freed by Israel in the Shalit exchange. Israel critics claimed it was just a lone cell.

Fast forward to August 21, Saleh Arouri, a senior member of Hamas, founder and commander of Hamas military wing in the West Bank, claims responsibility: Hamas admits kidnapping Israeli teens

I picked the most “mainstream” sources I could, of course similar articles with more or less details are available on many other sites. Where does that leave us? It does not explain nor excuse anything either side did, it is just looking at ONE aspect of the propaganda wars.

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