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NH Sen: Scott Brown Within Striking Distance of Jeanne Shaheen

Back to the Senate?

Republican Scott Brown’s decision to move to another state may actually allow him to get back into the Senate. A new WMUR Granite State Poll found the New Hampshire Senate race is extremely close.

If the election were held today 46 percent would vote to re-elect Democrat Jeanne Shaheen and 44 percent would vote for Brown.

When WMUR last polled in July Shaheen had a comfortable 12 point which has now almost entirely disappeared. This either represents a massive recent surge in support for Brown or perhaps it’s an outlier. It is worth noting that other fairly recent polls found Shaheen in a much better position. YouGov poll had her up by 10 points and Marist had her winning by 8 points.

If on the off chance Brown ends up losing the Republican primary things start to look much better for Shaheen according to the WMUR poll. She still holds a double digit lead over former New Hampshire senator Bob Smith and former state senator Jim Rubens.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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