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Neocons Agree, ISIS is Bad, Must Bomb Iraq and Syria

One way to tell whether the narrative in the mainstream media is false or not is to look at who is pushing it.

The narrative is that ISIS is very bad, they are endangering the middle east and they wamt to kill us so we have to go bomb Iraq and Syria and put boots on the ground to secure the region. Sounds familiar.

Listed below are some of the people pushing that exact narrative. They are the warmongering neocons that lied to the world about Iraq earlier this century. They are some of those who created ISIS and the situation we see today in Iraq and Syria. They are not humanitarians so obviously their motives are not about helping people, other than themselves and their insidious lot. We know what their motives are, they spelled it out under Bush and in the Project for a New American Century and Clean Break documents.

So what does that mean? If someone agrees with the basic narrative, then they’re agreeing with the neocons, the proven liars, the warmongers and imperialists. They might not agree with the actions proposed by the neocons, but they agree about the “enemy”. The new ENEMY.  The same terrorist/mercenary group the U.S. is arming and using in Syria as a proxy army to overthrow the Assad regime is the ENEMY in Iraq, and even in Syria now to justify bombs away in that country.  They’d be agreeing with the very people who created ISIS to aid in their overall agenda for world domination, the New American Century. They’d be agreeing with the people that said this is what they were going to do, create a sectarian war in the middle east to divide and conquer.

This is obviously something the neocons want badly and ISIS has given them the chance to demand it.

It should make people think about what they should believe regarding ISIS, Iraq, and our government’s intentions.

Wiiliam Kristol

Frederick Kagan

Richard Perle

James Jeffrey

Dick Cheney

Sen. Lindsey Graham

MItt Romney and Paul Ryan

Paul Wolfowitz

Tony Blair

John Bolton

Elliot Abrams

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