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CDC refuses to turn over documents to Congress showing MMR vaccines caused autism in black children

From CDC refuses to turn over documents to Congress: Evidence linking MMR vaccines to autism intentionally withheld from investigators

(NaturalNews) News has been rapidly exploding across the “truth media” regarding the CDC whistleblower who is now making shocking revelations: The CDC’s own research found that MMR vaccines caused autism in African-American children, and the agency knowingly buried this evidence to hide it from the public.

The scientific conspiracy went all the way to the top of the CDC, where Dr. Julie Gerberding — now an executive with vaccine maker Merck — took an active role in the cover-up and even arranged to have the whistleblower punished for trying to tell the truth.

CDC refuses to release evidence to Congress

Now we know that the CDC has also refused to turn over this information to Congress, too. U.S. Congressman Bill Posey (8th district, Florida) requested the documents from the CDC in a congressional hearing, but the CDC has stonewalled, refusing to turn over anything. This resulted in Congressman Posey calling for the CDC to be investigated. “The CDC can’t be trusted regarding investigating vaccine safety,” Posey said. “Huge conflict of interest. I think the CDC should be investigated.”


The CDC possessed irrefutable evidence in 2002 that MMR vaccines caused a 340% increase risk of autism in African-American babies, yet instead of warning the public, the agency’s top scientists and executives actively conspired to bury that evidence.

(emphasis mine)

This article suggests that black babies are disproportionately, adversely affected by MMR vaccines. I’d never heard of drugs affecting any racial group differently, before …… last week. I had an older black couple as customers, and we got into a long conversation. It turns out that the woman was a breast cancer survivor, and her hair had not grown back from her chemotherapy treatment. Her husband informed me that this was common amongst blacks. So …. I find this article more plausible than I would have only a couple of weeks ago.

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