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300 More Troops For Iraq, Obama Declares ISIS Must Be ‘Extracted’

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Can we call this a war yet? On Wednesday President Obama responded to the killing of James Foley by ISIS by calling ISIS a cancer that needed to be extracted. ISIS killed Foley in response to the killing of ISIS fighters from US airstrikes in Iraq after the group claimed it would kill Americans if the US military attacked them.

It was later revealed that the US had performed a rescue mission to save Foley and other hostages in Syria. The mission reportedly failed due to the hostages not being where US intelligence thought they were.

As Obama all but declared war on ISIS, the Pentagon is reviewing sending in 300 more US troops to Iraq to augment the roughly 1,000 there are there now. With expanded airstrikes and drone attacks, a thousand military personnel being sent in, along with declarations of destroying the enemy it is getting harder and harder to not see what is happening in Iraq as a war.

American fighter jets and drones continued to pound Islamic State militants in Iraq Wednesday, and military planners weighed the possibility of sending a small number of additional U.S. troops to Baghdad, U.S. officials said, even as the insurgents threatened to kill a second American captive in retribution for any continued attacks…

According to a senior U.S. official, the number of additional troops currently under discussion would be fewer than 300, but there has been no final decision yet by Pentagon leaders. Officials said that the forces, if approved, would mainly provide extra security around Baghdad.

The Iraqi national army can not even protect Baghdad? Talk about wasting money, the US has spent hundreds of billions to build the Iraqi military and they can not even protect their capital well enough for a friendly government to feel safe? Not confidence inspiring.

So now that ISIS is the new new Hitler how far is the Obama Administration prepared to go to destroy them? Yesterday’s speech may be less about justifying current military operations than it was about laying the groundwork for taking the war to another level.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.