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The Roundup for August 20th, 2014

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With Wednesday here, please enjoy the warm sounds of Jeff Buckley through “Grace”

International Politics


– In response to the murder of journalist James Foley, President Barack Obama said the “entire world is appalled” and the Associated Press called it an “assassination” and an “international crime of war

– It should be noted, the U.S., along with other countries, vowed to continue to attack IS; And violence is, once again, chosen as a solution

– Meanwhile, it could be argued the U.S. approach to negotiating with terrorists, which is different from the European approach, contributed to his death

– Some Iranian officials criticized the U.S. for its actions in Ferguson, Mo., by calling it a hypocrisy when the U.S. charges others for human rights violations

Middle East

– Airstrikes alone by the U.S. will not stop the Islamic State and it seems this is a conflict with no end

– The International Committee of the Red Cross stated Iraqi Yazidis refugees now live in “heartbreaking” conditions

– Peace between Israel and Hamas seems dead at this point with heavy air strikes by Israel in Gaza; The wife and child of Hamas’ military chief was killed by Israeli fire

– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “We will not stop” our advancement

– Rania Khalek: “How liberal Zionists enable Israel’s genocidal ambitions

Asia and Oceania

– Disillusionment in the Pakistani government led to 30,000 protesters marching toward Parliament for the resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif


Nearly 500,000 Ukrainians fled from eastern Ukraine due to the violence between government troops and separatists

– With NATO pushing forth against Russia, it brings into question claims made by Western officials about Russia

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Flights from the U.S. to Venezuela have declined because airlines worry about economic conditions in the country

Surveillance Planet

– With federal, state and local authorities gaining more tools for surveillance, it will lead to a future with no sense of privacy

Financial Matters

– Argentina announced it will pay only a certain number of investors and not the vulture funds, drawing fire from some Westerners

– Russia shut down four McDonald’s restaurant for violating sanitary laws

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Gallup: 58 percent of Americans are satisfied with their job security, which is significant

– Activists in Asia will continue to press for higher wages and better living conditions for workers

Politics US

Washington USA

Part three of six with Gerald Horne on the importance of slavery in the American Revolution

– In an op-ed for a local St. Louis newspaper, Attorney General Eric Holder announced the Department of Justice “continue[s] to stand with” Ferguson

– Marcy Wheeler: “A Tale of Two Alleged Iran Nuke Leakers

– It seems the U.S. military is not a fan of The Intercept as they barred all employees from visiting the website

Anytown USA

– Over at The Real News, the discussion on Ferguson, Mo., expands into how the press are subjected to unjust arrests and how this is part of the attack on civil liberties; Even one police officer physically threatened an Al-Jazeera America journalist

– In Los Angeles, Calif., protesters marched to demand an end to police brutality and introduce accountability

– The Oakland BDS protests highlight an important relationship between Israel and the state of California

We Don’t Need No Education

– Gallup: Americans trust more in local government when it comes to school affairs

– With the FBI investigating more and more charter schools for reasons involving money, it reveals a corrupt culture supported by corrupt politicians

The Second Sex

– A new poll found 70 percent of Americans oppose government intervention on restricting abortion

– Jessica Valenti: “Lean in, lean out, whatever: working mothers still don’t get enough credit

A new report found the Affordable Care Act’s mandate for contraceptive use provides significant benefits for women

Planet Earth

– With more elephants in Africa being poached, it may lead to the extinction of the species in a few decades

– Our way of life under capitalist entities is threatening the planet’s stability and there must be a change

– In Hiroshima, Japan, landslides killed at least 36 people and seven people were missing

– For climate activists, liberalism is not enough as only radical reform can achieve true action to help the environment

Mixed Bag

– Here is some good news on Ferguson. An online campaign raised nearly $130,000 to help feed students in need.

– Leftists should be careful to call out “outside agitators” in Ferguson as it is historically a term used by reactionaries.

Break Time

Grace [Jeff Buckley]

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Brandon Jordan

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