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What I want to know about Ferguson

I have some questions I would like answered about Ferguson. I think I have some Credit to ask questions considering how many times I write here:)


1)  I read about police being fired on from a truck but the truck got away but with that many police with police cars, military vehicles and I’m pretty sure police helicopters and police snipers surveying the crowd I don’t see how anyone could lose a truck.  

Throughout Sunday evening, numerous cop cars sustained damage and Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said someone in a yellow pickup truck fired shots at officers while circling a WalMart parking lot. Chief Jackson said he got into a cop car to give chase to the truck but the truck got away.

? Nobody got a partial plate number and or nobody checked every yellow truck registured  in the town for gun powder residue inside the truck? Normally cops do everything if a cop is fired at by a gun. If anything the police chief seems lax in his investigation of this shooting. 


2) Reports protestors were shot by other protestors sound made up after all wouldn’t they shoot the police instead of shooting their own?

Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, who is in charge of security in Ferguson, told CNN that two people in the crowd were hit by gunshots. He said the shots weren’t fired by police.

Funny I don’t recall reading about MLK or Malcom X ever leading  a protest and there being a problem with protestors shooting other protestors.  What will it take for the press to call the police chief a liar?
3)  Can we confirm that the police investigating anyone about these shootings of the protestors and or the cops?  Are the police going door to door looking for witnesses at all? AlsoGoogle Agent Provocateurs and Ferguson and you get lots of hits it seems Real People are talking about explanations for the shootings of the protestors, the police and the looting in ways that as far as I know the MainStream Press is not mentioning.

Corporal Justin Wheetley of the Missouri State Highway Patrol last night blamed “outsiders” for the mayhem, with KMOV reporting that the trouble was, “stirred up by influences from outside of Ferguson.”

Radio host Dave Hodges also claims to have spoken to a source from within the Department of Homeland Security who told him that violent rioting and looting, “was encouraged and exacerbated by undercover DHS agents posing as members of the Black Panthers.”

4) I would like to know more about that or if not I would like to know more about past police, FBI etc use of agent provocateurs especially during race riots and civil rights demonstrations.


As we reported last week, Hashim Nzinga, the leader of the New Black Panthers, also staged a bizarre scene at the Ferguson Fire Department during which he accused President Obama of being from Kenya.

Who is funding the New Black Panthers the Koch brothers? Do the New Black Panthers get their news from the Drudge Report, and Rush Limbaugh?

6)  I want to know just how many cases there  have ever happened where a guy walks over to a police car and tries to take away a police officers gun while the cop is still in the police car.
I know plenty of crooks I’ve heard them brag but I’ve never heard a story that stupid and unlikely.

7) the cop was sitting in his police car and Mike Brown wrestled/fought? with him to take away his gun but the police man won? Mike looks to be about a foot taller at least 50 pounds heavier than the cop.

Next as an exercise try wrestling a taller/more leverage, heavier/ more leverage especially if they are over you person from a sitting position in your car you will find  its hard to brace yourself  and your movements are constrained.  Next I want to see the police man’s and Mike’s  bruises no way people wrestle over a gun and both parties do not get bruised.  Both people would make the supreme effort because who ever gets the gun does not end up dying.

No way police don’t take photos of the bruising especially after the police got yelled about that in the Travon Martin case  and the police chief in that case ended up getting fired in part because of that.

8) If we assume the Mike tried to wrestle the cop for his gun story is bullshit then why did the cop shoot Mike?  Was the cop on the take? Was the cop a racist? Mentally ill?

If anyone has their own questions they want answered please add them in the comments
Update Hat tip Ctuttle Video of Agent Provocateurs granted Canadian Agent Provocateurs but I think it is useful to show that this stuff does happen we are not being paranoid when we don’t trust the police.
The Media does not mention this but I am very proud of an America where  after a White Cop shoots an unarmed African America, African American protestors and many White Protestors can get along well enough to protest together. Its not Tribe its about Ideas its about whats Right.
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