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The Roundup for August 19th, 2014

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Howdy folks! How are you today?

May Don Pardo rest in peace.

International Politics


– Gallup: People in Latin America and the Caribbean feel the least secure compared with other places

Middle East

– Israel blocked an Amnesty International investigation into Gaza, what are they hiding

– Meanwhile, fighting resumed in Gaza with Israel launching rockets into the occupied territory

– Sunni tribes in Iraq vow to turn back Islamic State forces over control of Haditha

– Arab homes in areas retaken by Kurdish forces were burned down and the Kurds reportedly told Arabs not to return

– The Islamic State has over 50,000 members currently in Syria with around 6,000 recruited last month

– Meanwhile, the Iraqi military failed to capture Tikrit for the third time due to IS forces repelling them

Asia and Oceania

– After denouncing a cult for a murder in a McDonald’s, China arrested nearly 1,000 members of the Christian sect


– Nigerian soldiers assert they will not fight Boko Haram unless they receive better equipment


– It seems a businessman from New Democracy in Greece sent money to Golden Dawn to get it in a coalition with New Democracy

– Ukraine blocked 14 Russian channels because they broadcast “war propaganda“; Meanwhile, street battles in the east continue to grow

Financial Matters

– In preparation for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, FIFA lowered the number of stadiums to be constructed as they realize more is not better

– Emptywheel: “How Abu Zubaydah’s Torture Put CIA and FBI in NSA’s Databases

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Gallup: Workers in the U.S. are less worried about things such as cutbacks affecting their job compared to last year

– Journalist Michelle Chen reports on the abuse of labor by Starbucks when it comes to wages and scheduling

– Movers in Chicago, Ill., went on strike to protest unfair conditions such as strictness and wage payments

Politics US

Washington USA

– Part two of six with author Gerald Horne on the reactionary politics of the Democratic Party when it comes to black voters

– Last year, the Department of Justice told a family it would investigate the death of their son, who died by the hands of the police. The family is still waiting.

– Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) speaks to ProPublica to reflect on Freedom Summer and the lessons learned

– According to a government audit, the Affordable Care Act’s tax on medical devices is not being paid in full

Anytown USA

– In Ferguson, Mo., another black man was killed, two journalists were arrested and 78 others were also arrested last night; One of the journalist, The Intercept’s Ryan Devereaux explains what happened to him and a Reuters photojournalist

– Activist Kevin Alexander Gray joins The Real News to discuss the necessity of structural change in Ferguson and why anger in light of what happened is normal

– David Sirota: “No, Pot Does NOT Make You Aggressive. The Bogus Smearing of Michael Brown Continues“‘

– If a new book is to be believed, corruption among Florida’s politician is out-of-control

– Professor Alex Vitale writes on the necessity of change through the community to stop the militarization of the police

– The mother of Trayvon Martin wrote a letter to Michael Brown’s family that can be found here

We Don’t Need No Education

– Common Core scores for New York are nothing to be excited about. There are other factors that need to be addressed and capitalist reform will not do the trick.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Weapons used by police officers, in Ferguson, Mo., such as tear gas, are from the Cold War and present a health problem to residents

– Medecins Sans Frontieres warns nations are too worried about themselves and it is contributing to a poor response toward the Ebola outbreak

The Second Sex

– The New York Post ran an article defending street harassment, which further shows how there are really no bars for how low they can stoop

– New reports found peer pressure can help stop sexual harassment and sexual violence

Planet Earth

Even a study by the oil industry stating crude oil-by-train is safe features a disclaimer on safety

– Five to eight thousand gallons of fuel oil spilled into the Ohio river

Mixed Bag

– “The Pros And Cons Of Militarizing The Police” Good one, The Onion

– There is no end in sight to the number of black men killed by police This inane system should stop immediately, and another system built on ending discriminatory violence should take its place.

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