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Ferguson Repeating the Occupy Folly, The Progressive Playbook

Taking  a page from Occupy and apparently determined to repeat the disaster of the Occupy movement, Ferguson is helping the establishment’s repressive causes. The stupidity exercised by the Occupy movement in occupying and refusing to relinquish a public square is a demonstrably failed tactic. Ferguson is doing what occupy did  with an added level of violence, looting ect. Both occupy and Ferguson have/had profoundly righteous causes they were/are advocating for.  The time will come to be know as “the Ferguson Riots” and will have as much residual  effect  as Occupy. Again progressive causes take a beating from the tactics/lack of tactics used by those advocating change.

First, Occupy was a tragic failure. Where is the residual effect? My posts at that time indicated such would be the case.

Second, occupy’s tactics were the cause of the failure. Although it is not known what would have happened had they used a different tactic(s). To their credit Occupy maintained a broad-based inclusive agenda. Ferguson has taken it from a broad-based, inclusive police brutality issue  to this is about the Black community, making it very exclusive.

Finally, a truly profound lack of understanding of what it is going to take to achieve positive change is evident. After Rodney King, OJ  the establishment vilified and beset themselves upon the black community. The us against them tactic, when your 15% of the population, has no possibility of success. The broad-based  cause of police brutality is much more viable as a vehicle for change than police brutality on the black community exclusively.  Common sense.

It is more of a “Free Huey” than “Kill Whitey” kinda of moment- if you want change. That has never been in the calculus of most progressives and is a directly related to the fact that we can count our progressive victories under Obama  on one hand. As it took profound stupidity to vote for Obama expecting “change” considering the massive amount of historical evidence to the contrary, hereto progressive’s continue down the well-worn path of failure apparently  oblivious to the circular fact-free logic  that is a place holder for something that would effect positive change.

thanks for doing your part. Although your vote for Obama, expecting “Change” pretty much sums up why their will be no change just continued failure- the establishment should send you a thank you note for your continued participation, very sad

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