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Confronting Reality!

Confronting Reality!

When it comes to understanding The Political Process, conservative pundits continue to ignore and even dismiss Reality, as practiced by their continuing opposition to Obamacare, as one instance in their minimalized political agenda.  And for me in particular, here in Arizona, the candidates for the GOP nomination for the Governorship, is predicated on being anti-immigrant.  Consequently, a “closed shop” for Criminal Stupidity.

However, nationally, it seems that the Conventional Wisdom, is that five pre-supposed liberals, writing for the national publications are the “go to guys” to understand The Political Process.  As such, they are:

  1.  Jonathan Chait of the New York Magazine.
  2. MSNBC host Ari Melber.
  3. American Prospect’s Scott Lemieux.
  4. Center for American Prospect’s Ian Millhiser, and
  5. New Republic’s Alac McGillis.

Now, I have no complaint with their publishing their views on The Process, but there are many and other voices and views that have a far greater “connect” to me and to my overall efforts to understand this process, especially with the ‘starting point’ to pontificate and to write a column on subject areas that do not achieve the Main Stream Media and as certified by these national publications.

And from therein, is the “value” of the Firedoglake.

To wit, here a few names that DO animate The Process in far more ways than do the Five Names of national fame.  As such, the following:

  1.  DSWright
  2. Kevin Gosztola
  3. BrandonJ
  4. CTuttle
  5. Jon Walker

And due my time constraints, please feel free to add the many names that continue to add “value’ to Firedoglake.  And they are due much recognition.  Thanks.



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