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The Roundup for August 18, 2014

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It’s Monday today. How are you?

International Politics


– Amid the Western propaganda on Russia and Ukraine, one issue overlooked is the decision by Iran to side with the West over Russia.

– Julian Assange stated he will leave the Ecuadorean embassy soon, although nothing else is known

Middle East

– Richard Falk, a UN official dealing with Palestine and Israel, explains to The Real News how Israel made a mistake of not making a deal with Hamas

– As leverage oil still rules the day in Iraq as the U.S. hopes to use it to their advantage over the new Iraqi government while supporting the Kurds

– Max Blumenthal: “Gruesome Tales Surface of Israeli Massacres Against Families in Gaza Neighborhood

– Disgusting. Far-right protesters in Tel Aviv, Israel, demonstrated against a wedding between a Muslim man and a Jewish woman


– Aleksandr Buzgalin, a Russian professor, joins The Real News to highlight the effect sanctions will have on Russia and the hope among oligarchs in Russia to get back their status as a world power

– Despite no agreement between Ukraine and Russia on a ceasefire within the former country, Kiev stated they were no longer opposed to the Russian convoy

– Meanwhile, a convoy full of refugees was attacked and all passengers killed in eastern Ukraine. As expected, both sides blame each other.

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

A new poll found a slight growth in support for Dilma Rousseff’s government in Brazil, which adds hopes for the upcoming presidential election

Surveillance Planet

– For those who followed Kevin Gosztola’s coverage of the NATO 3 trial, you are familiar with “Mo” and “Gloves.” Two individuals Chicago thought were necessary to fund for surveillance on activists, while things like mental health clinics are not necessary.

Financial Matters

– Dean Baker: “Robert Rubin and Martin Feldstein Discover Bubbles

– In July, most states in the U.S. had an increase in the number of Americans now unemployed

– Companies like Caterpillar are used by Israel to further their goals of oppressing the Palestinians

A new report found the average cost of raising a child today is $250,000 or more; Whoa…

Labor’s a-Brewing

– A great article about the history of worker co-ops and their support in New York City

– Labor organizations like the AFL-CIO would be smart to go to a place like Ferguson to bolster support for actions against police brutality

A short interview with an unemployed black youth and how he feels about being without a job

Politics US

Washington USA

– For undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. without detection, life in the U.S. is difficult and challenging

– Jason Leopold: “Gitmo Spent $300,000 on Liquid Supplements While Denying a ‘Mass Hunger Strike’

– Pew: 54 percent of Americans approve of air strikes in Iraq, yet 51 percent hope it will not “go too far”

Anytown USA

– Pew: 44 percent of Americans believe the Michael Brown case rightfully focuses on race, while 40 percent believe it “gets more attention than it deserves.” In fact, whites tend to side with the 40 percent, while blacks overwhelmingly side with the 44 percent

Part one of six with Gerald Horne, a professor, on his upbringing, the racial politics of the 1940s and 1950s and his activism

– Chris Hedges: “Rebellion in Ferguson: A Rising Heat in the Suburbs

– Journalist Gary Younge explains how Missouri allowed violence to appear in the streets

– Meanwhile, the National Guard was called into Ferguson by Governor Jay Nixon

We Don’t Need No Education

– Ali Abunimah: “‘Warrior students’: How Israeli universities are supporting war crimes in Gaza

The Second Sex

– New research uncovered that rapists don’t view themselves as rapists. They believe rapists are people with a mask and knife.

– Jessica Valenti: “A pregnant, suicidal rape victim fought Ireland’s new abortion law. The law won

– In Mexico, men leave to go to the U.S. for job opportunities. As a result, spaces open for women to gain some control. However, there still exists pushback for their new roles.

Planet Earth

– Dahr Jamail: “‘Peak Water,’ Methane Blowholes and Ice-Free Arctic Cruises: The Climate Crisis Deepens

– In Pacto, Ecuador, the beautiful environment is threatened by mining for resources

– Bad news as a new study found 100,000 elephants, between 2010 and 2012, were slaughtered in Africa

Mixed Bag

– In certain segments of our society, capitalism leads the way. Such leadership ruined our livelihoods and created an anti-democratic environment harming the working class.

– In what is indicative of today’s journalism, NPR takes talking points from the CIA when it comes to journalism on spying

– Hierarchies create social order, class divisions and chaos if not controlled. This is our existing structure.

Break Time

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.