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Late, Late Night FDL: Detroit Made

Bob Seger – Detroit Made (Here’s the studio track)

Bob Seger is set to release his ‘swan song’ album: Ride Out…

Bob Seger will be releasing Ride Out, his first new album in eight years — and possibly his final studio album ever — on Oct. 14. {…}

Seger produced Ride Out and recorded it at studios in Nashville and suburban Detroit, and he says in a statement that, “I feel really good about this record. This album touches on how I think a lot of us feel about finding our place in a more complicated world — from how we appreciate things as simple and pure as love, to navigating through the corruption and violence that permeates the news. It sums up a lot of feelings I have about a variety of subjects.” {…}

It may also be Seger’s final word as a recording artist; last year he told Billboard that with his 70th birthday looming in May of 2015, “I don’t know how much more there is to prove. I wouldn’t mind putting out one more record, one last swan song. That’s all I’m concerned with right now is trying to make that as good as it can be, and then we’ll look at everything else and play it by ear. I’ve had a great career. It’s been a great run. I don’t want to overstay my welcome.”

Seger, who’s sold more than 51 millions albums and has been inducted into both the Rock and Roll and Songwriters halls of fame, is planning to tour in support of Ride Out, though no dates have yet been revealed.

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