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Video: Ferguson Rioters Epic Stupidity

This community has decided to riot, engage in arson and rioting causing the “good police” to pull out the riot gear. The definition of stupid. It validates the heavy handed response used by the police to stop this arson, rioting, thievery, looting. assaulting the store that lawfully produced the video of the strong arm robbery.

They have hurt their worthy cause so severely that it will not take root in a substantial way. validates so many impressions, so stupid

this was to important a moment to destroy

bring out the riot squads, it what was and is needed in this situation

The video purportedly showing Mr. Brown in a strong arm robbery should not,  but will, dramatically affect the public’s perception of the police’s conduct in the murder of Mr. Brown. I would know this because when I look at the ease in which Mr. Brown strong armed the store and treated the 5 ft tall store owner who tried to stop his strong arm robbery. When pushes the little store owner like the worst kinda bully it will affect public perception, the cause is severely damaged.

the acting police authorities look like the fools they are. their actions/inaction led to the dramatic escalation, could not even protect that 5 foot store owner even though they were on site whole time—sad

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