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Come Saturday Morning: This and That

Here are some of the things you might have missed that went down last week:

Bad news and good news from Solar Roadways. The bad news is that Julie had a gall bladder attack that put her out of commission for awhile. The good news is that the Solar Roadways rollout is gaining speed:

The City of Sandpoint wants to become the first “Solar Roadways City” and we have five pilot projects lined up in Sandpoint for next year: we’re working with Amtrak to retrofit one of their train stations, the City of Sandpoint wants to retrofit their Welcome Center parking lot and some downtown sidewalks, the animal shelter wants to retrofit their parking lot, and the Sandpoint Airport wants to do 25 acres of tarmac!

There are many other potential customers that we are talking to, but not yet at liberty to discuss. We can say that many of them are really exciting and probably just what many of you have been wishing for! We’ll make those and many other exciting announcements as soon as we can – stay tuned!

— Dinosaur Bob Frey loses his primary. Frey was the idiot who (along with his equally nutty son Mike) first came to media attention when he espoused some really whacked-out ideas about bullying, HIV and the LGBTQ community. He later became infamous nationally when his views on dinosaurs and early humans coexisting became widely known thanks to Bluestem Prairie. Apparently, the GOP base voters of State District 47A in Carver County decided to draw the line at that sort of thing.

So what’s cooking with you today?

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