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What DOD Military Equipment Has Your County Received Lately?

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation MRAP

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation MRAP

Amid the national uproar and outrage over the violent suppression by local police in Ferguson, MO of community protests following the shooting death of young Michael Brown, the New York Times has published an interactive map which shows what US counties acquired certain military-type equipment from the DOD’s free program since 2006.

In addition to the usual rifles, body armor and night vision devices, there are some heavier items of interest.  Cook County, IL, for example, acquired three mine-resistant vehicles and one other arms-resistant vehicle, King County, WA got two helicopters and one mine-resistant vehicle, Leon County, FL three helicopters and two mine-resistant vehicles, while San Francisco County, CA received only 204 night vision devices and two body armors.

Mosey on over to the link and check out mine-resistant vehicles, and other stuff, from the DOD that may now be in your neck-of-the-woods.  No, they don’t tell us why.

Picture from Raymond Wambsgans licensed under Creative Commons

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