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Supposed moderate, anti-Assad rebellion cooked up in West, funded by Qatar’s $10 billion My Money’s on Putin The Latest in the New Cold War

If you thought that the Syrian rebellion was organic, and only became infected by foreign intervention, later on, you’re wrong. So indicates a quote from Interview with Route Magazine, which is quoted in My Money’s on Putin The Latest in the New Cold War

The discovery of the world’s largest, known gas reserves in the Persian Gulf, shared by Qatar and Iran, and new assessments which found 70 percent more gas in the Levantine in 2007, are key to understanding the dynamics of the conflicts we see today. After a completion of the PARS pipeline, from Iran, through Iraq and Syria to the Eastern Mediterranean coast, the European Union would receive more than an estimated 45 percent of the gas it consumes over the next 100 – 120 years from Russian and Iranian sources. Under non-conflict circumstances, this would warrant an increased integration of the European, Russian and Iranian energy sectors and national economies.

Later on, though, our generous Saudi ‘allies’ chipped in for the heavy hitters:

“The war in Ukraine became predictable (unavoidable?) when the great Muslim Brotherhood Project in Syria failed during the summer of 2012. …In June and July 2012 some 20,000 NATO mercenaries who had been recruited and trained in Libya and then staged in the Jordanian border town Al-Mafraq, launched two massive campaigns aimed at seizing the Syrian city of Aleppo. Both campaigns failed and the ”Libyan Brigade” was literally wiped out by the Syrian Arab Army.

It was after this decisive defeat that Saudi Arabia began a massive campaign for the recruitment of jihadi fighters via the network of the Muslim Brotherhoods evil twin sister Al-Qaeda.

Source: The Atlantic Axis and the Making of a War in Ukraine

So, this is why Syria was ripped up, and sectarian violence – beheadings and all – has flared up again in Iraq. It’s all about oil, gas, and the US-UK desire to be top dogs, forever, rather than live in a multi-polar world.

Furthermore, IMO it explains why the US ignored warnings about ISIL’s movement into Iraq, and possibly explains why the US didn’t bomb the crap out of arms depots that were going to be seized by ISIL. The US wants ISIL to threaten if not destroy and pipelines from Iran, through Iraq, and into Syria. You can interdict that flow in Syria…..or Iraq.

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