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“Prominent left-liberal American academic” won’t publish opinion on US-supported false flags in Ukraine, fears “conspiracy theorist” label


American Pravda: Who Shot Down Flight MH17 in Ukraine?

Aside from attracting considerable debate from our website’s often “excitable” commenters, whose views range from the sensible to the deranged, our Whitney columns regarding MH17 had a far more important consequence. One of our left-liberal readers was shocked to read facts totally absent from the pages of The Nation, the Huffington Post, or any of the other left-liberal sites she visits. Out of curiosity, she contacted a very prominent left-liberal American academic, someone with special expertise in exactly that area of Europe. To her considerable surprise, he largely confirmed the outlandish “conspiracy theory,” saying that the evidence increasingly indicated that the American-backed Kiev government had shot down Flight MH17, either accidentally or otherwise.

Based on his remarks, it sounded like he and his friends had devoted 100x the time and effort that I had to investigating the incident, thereby reassuring me that my casual conclusions were at least not wholly ridiculous. Yet it also appeared that neither he or any of the other American experts in his circle who apparently share his views had seen fit to publish their opinions in any of the numerous media outlets to which they have easy access, presumably for fear of being denounced and stigmatized as “conspiracy nuts.” They may regard the possibility of an American military confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia as a terrible danger, but it pales compared to the horrifying risk that the 22-year-old bookers at MSNBC chat shows might decide to put a black mark down next to their names.

Oh, the horror! Better to “go along to get along”, rather then be called a “conspiracy theorist”! Why, that’s almost as bad as being called a “climate change denier” – a term applied to working scientists who don’t deny either that the climate changes, or that anthropogenic CO2 is a greenhouse gas, but who do deny that any sort of catastrophe is in the works, due to same.

On the plus side, a prominent Dutch journalist, Karel van Wolferen , apparently of the lefty persuasion, has published The Ukraine, Corrupted Journalism, and the Atlanticist Faith

Activists bear considerable share of the blame for this appalling state of affairs. See my diary Useless American Activists Should Have Been Delegitimizing American War Mongers, All Along

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