John Schindler announced that his relationship with the Naval War College has ended after he was caught in a sexting scandal. Schindler emerged from relative obscurity to become a prominent critic of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald.

As a former NSA analyst and professor at the Naval War College, Schindler was often quoted by journalists looking to put a face on the clandestine agency that maintains strict controls on communication with the media. Much to the delight of NSA critics, Schindler was happy to oblige media cravings for someone affiliated with the NSA to speak about the agency, even if unofficially. While Schindler’s expertise was useful for the media, his polarizing arrogance served NSA critics who believed the agency was disrespectful to American values and antagonistic towards constitutionally protected personal privacy.

In the course of his social media campaign promoting the NSA Schindler made copious statements regarding both Greenwald and Snowden, most of which revolved around an unsubstantiated claim that Snowden was really a Russian agent. Though some of Schindler’s statements veered well outside his conspiracy theory such as when he compared Edward Snowden to Adolf Hitler and said Glenn Greewald would be well suited to serve Joseph Stalin and be a mass murderer like Lavrentiy Beria.

But it was not Schindler’s unhinged comments that brought him to official disgrace. It was, ironically, his inappropriate use of communications technology.

The former employee of the premiere signal intelligence agency of the world stupidly decided to send a picture of his penis to a person he met on the internet. The picture, along with a corresponding email where Schindler said he was not in a traditional marriage, were made public by Twitter user @Currahee88. According to @Currahee88 the information was released to shame Schindler though Schindler initially speculated he may be the victim of an intelligence operation.

Schindler was subsequently put on leave from the Naval War College pending a review. The review was completed with the result reportedly told to Schindler in late July that he was out at the Naval War College. He was apparently given the option of resigning rather than being fired, which he took.

So is this the end for soon-to-be former Professor Schindler? Let’s all hope not. No one has been, to paraphrase Lenin, such a useful idiot for the cause of personal privacy.

Would you want Dr. Dick Pic and those like him having access to all your private personal information?

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.