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The Roundup for August 13th, 2014

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Hey there folks, how are you doing this Wednesday?

International Politics


– Journalist Ken Klippenstein interviews Richard Falk, a UN official dealing with Palestine and Israel, to discuss what is currently happening and more

– U.S. Special Forces launched a rescue mission to help evacuate trapped Yazidis in Iraq

Middle East

– A rocket from Gaza hit inside Israel that affects peace talks, but Hamas denies it ever shot a rocket; However, a five-day truce was agreed upon

– Lawrence Wilkinson joins The Real News to discuss how vital Iran’s role is in stabilizing Iraq

– Journalist Alex Kane reports on how the actions in Gaza by Israel are also efforts to attract gun manufacturers

– Kurds in Iraq accused Arabs of supporting the Islamic State, which is increasing tension in the country

– The U.S. rejected Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s suggestion to stay in power


– Cape Town, South Africa experiences large protests to stop the violence in Gaza, photos here


– The UN reported the death toll in Ukraine surpassed 2,000, which means it doubled in two weeks

– A new poll found 52 percent of Britons did not agree with the way Israel responded after getting hit by rocket fire

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– A Brazil presidential candidate was killed in a plane crash, jeopardizing the upcoming elections in the country

– Colombia is unhappy with Venezuela’s decision to close its border at night to stop smuggling, they say it will lead to other consequences

– ProPublica‘s Jesse Eisinger reports on how Mary Jo White has not really made an impact or change at the Security and Exchange Commission

– Macy’s got a great deal in a case involving the death of an employee and that is extremely troublesome

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Good news as Virgin America flight attendants will be represented in a union

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: Only 13 percent of Americans approve of Congress and the job it’s doing

– Rania Khalek: “Democrat youth wing fires members who criticized Israel’s child killings“; Ugh, these upright college Democrats. Not as bad as those arrogant college Republicans who helped smear those two members though

– Despite all the calls that libertarianism will grow (as if), there is very little evidence suggesting it will become popular among the youth

– Gallup: Americans consider government, immigration and the economy as the most important issues

– Ray McGovern: “The Rear-Guard Defense of Torture

– It looks like the revolving door will get an expansion as lobbyists will be able to go to government to work; Efficiency! Yeah!

Anytown USA

– We’re already in the first six months of Bill de Blasio’s tenure as New York City mayor. How is he doing with the NYPD? Not that much different from Bloomberg.

– As journalist Michelle Chen reports, NYC is working with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to go after immigrant communities; I can’t wait until the next progressive Democrat comes along and promises to do the impossible!

– Kind of strange the Los Angeles Police Department would report beatings to be “minor offenses” although they assume police brutality is just self-defense

– Anonymous was able to release an audio tape from the officer who shot Michael Brown after it happened; Meanwhile, another man was shot by police in Ferguson after allegedly pointing his firearm at an officer

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Colgate Total is just one consumer product containing Triclosan, an ingredient linked to cancer. Well then…

– World Health Organization: Kenya is at “high-risk” for the Ebola virus

– Canada announced it will donate some of its experimental drugs to West Africa to combat Ebola

– U.S. farmers are in trouble as China rejected GMO crops even though its demand for certain foods will continue to grow

The Second Sex

– A man in Philadelphia told a group of men not to harass women last weekend and was beaten as a result; Just awful creatures

– Jessica Valenti: “From the porn star and the MMA fighter to Rihanna and Chris Brown, is a photo of domestic abuse not enough?“; Valenti makes such an excellent point that I think it deserves to be read

Planet Earth

– Bottled water sold in the U.S. is typically from California, which is currently experiencing a severe drought, and it would be shameful to continue buying it

– Norway’s state-owned oil company admitted it was disappointed not to find a large source of oil in the Arctic; I don’t know. Isn’t that good news?

– Part four of five with Chris Williams on how technological solutions to climate change still do not help

– With recent record flooding in Detroit, Mich., it only reinforces how dangerous climate change is without any action

– Meteorologist Jeff Masters talks to The Real News on climate change’s impact on jet streams

– A new study found fracking companies operate close to water sources despite companies stating they do not

– Dahr Jamail: “NASA Scientist Warns of Three to Four-Meter Sea Level Rise by 2200

Mixed Bag

– Journalist Gary Engler provides 10 reasons why capitalism should be loathed

– Good news (I suppose) as dogs love to problem-solve and get a reward in the end of it. Let’s hope there’s a dog to help me complete some essays.

– Dave Zirin: “Robin Williams and a Moment of Magic

Break Time

– Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child [Grant Green]

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