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Stream Coverage of Protests in Ferguson LIVE now.

Watch the  protests in Ferguson, MO unfold LIVE at this link:


Although the demonstration has been entirely peaceful today, police are out in full force with armoured vehicles, camo, riot gear, and yes, sniper rifles pointed at protesters.


The police sniper is reportedly constantly aiming at protesters (at this point, all peaceful) and calling out descriptions, such as “yellow shirt, hands in pockets” “red hat” etc.  Meanwhile the demonstrators hold hands and pray, hug, and marvel in the experience of “coming together without fighting, in unity”.


Today, August 14th, the Million Hoody March Organization has called for a National Moment of Silence for Michael Brown and others who have been victims of police brutality.  For more information on the protests and unfolding events in the wake of the Michael Brown shooting, follow these hashtags on twitter:

  1. #Ferguson
  2. #MikeBrown
  3. #FergusonShooting
  4. #Michael Brown
  5. #NMOS14



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