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Over Easy: Al Gore Is Still Fat

I’m sitting in the host chair for Crane-Station this morning. Almost every day at Over Easy we’ve been discussing the summer weather, or in some cases the lack thereof. With stifling heat and drought in the west and south, rain and cool temps in the Midwest, it has been an unusual summer in much of the country. As I write this, it is 61º — on an August afternoon. How can the planet be warming when it is so cool outside?

Do look at the photos here:
27 Powerful Photos That Show The Reality Of Climate Change Today

We all know Al Gore is fat so that must mean his climate change predictions are a hoax.

Maybe Michael Mann, the climate scientist, is fat too?

[Mann] was a central figure in the trumped-up “climategate” scandal, accused with other scientists of fraud by conservative bloggers and pundits before being vindicated by eight separate independent investigations (my emphasis).

Michael Mann wants you to know 6 things about global warming.

And do read about Mann’s summer vacation! Fire and Ice: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

If you Google “Michael Mann climate change” a lot of the top hits are the deniers. While charges and counter-charges are flung, climate change marches inexorably onward. Small consolation that the deniers are going to cook right along with the rest of us.

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