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Southeastern States Suppressing Solar Energy – Where are the Green Organizations?

Yours truly has accused green organizations (e.g., of being green veal pens. The main reasons are that they spread false propaganda about climate change*, they don’t push fusion** (perhaps the greenest technology available), nor are they openly telling the truth about who is driving CO2 increases, worldwide (it ain’t us). And thus, their “remedies” won’t do diddly squat, even if the ‘science’ they espoused was assumed to be completely accurate.

However, I have also complained that they don’t push for RICO like investigations into suppression of solar energy technology; and furthermore, they don’t look into racketeering type of suppression of solar energy deployment in states where it makes the most sense – like Florida. I had heard, anecdotally, at least, that solar energy adoption is nothing like you’d expect, from a Gary Null program, who has a house or ranch in Florida.

Now, from Sunny States Continue to Suppress Solar Energy

But while Florida advertises itself as the Sunshine State, power company executives and regulators have worked successfully to keep most Floridians from using that sunshine to generate their own power.

Wilkerson discovered the paradox when she set out to harness sunlight into electricity for the vintage cottages she rents out at Indian Rocks Beach. She would have had an easier time installing solar panels, she found, if she had put the homes on a flatbed and transported them to chilly Massachusetts.

“My husband and I are looking at each other and saying, ‘This is absurd,’” said Wilkerson, whose property is so sunny that a European guest under doctor’s orders to treat sunlight deprivation returns every year. The guest, who has solar panels on his home in Germany, is bewildered by their scarcity in a place with such abundant light.

Florida is one of several states, mostly in the Southeast, that combine copious sunshine with extensive rules designed to block its use by homeowners to generate power.

(emphasis mine)

P.S.: Not that it matters, but I had assumed that oil companies were behind the suppression of solar. This article suggests that electrical utilities are the main culprit.

* the lies and misrepresentations surrounding climate science was investigated by Donna LaFramboise

** including so-called cold fusion, which is the subject of a yearly non-credit course at MIT

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