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Sheer insanity: US & NATO fomenting war with Russia

Or: Johnny won’t come marching home from nuclear war

NATO Secretary General Press Point – Kiev, Ukraine, 07 August 2014

Foghy presses home the point that the new meme is: ‘Our allies and partners’, meaning probable fast-tracking of Ukraine into their organization, and ‘defending’ any of the periphery nations as ‘back-door members.  They are all being urged to increase their military budgets, of course: Because Russia.  (And cuz war is a sincerely profitable racket, but: Shhhhhh.)

And yes, Foghy, the ‘advisors’ are already there, as likely have been boatloads of CIA and Special Ops; the equipment (called ‘non-lethal’ has arrived, as well).

Let’s see what’s going on in the Black Sea (Lithuania, Romania, joint operations with Turkey, Tweets Galore!:

Is Brussels in thrall to the Empire of Chaos (h/t: Pepe Escobar) as the EU nations are?  So many carrots, so many sticks…

Let’s see, for instance, what’s up with Chuck Hegel and the Department of Defense?  Ah; Operation Atlantic Resolve, America’s Continued Commitment to European Security’.

‘The United States is demonstrating its continued commitment to collective security through a series of actions designed to reassure NATO allies and partners of America’s dedication to enduring peace and stability in the region, in light of the Russian intervention in Ukraine.’  A partial public list of those locations and actions and maps are on the page.

From the Secretary from Nebraska Himself, some accidental satire:

Without deep engagement in the world, America would face more conflict, not less – and on the terms of our adversaries, not on our own terms. That is why America’s commitment to its allies – in Europe and around the world – is not a burden … it’s not a luxury. But it is a necessity. And it must be unwavering.

Now some folks say that Foghy (NATO) and the US War-Making Department are getting a bit squidgy because the UN has made a few noises in objection to Kyiv bombing the bejayzuz out of civilians in the Donbass, leaving much of the area without water, electricity, medical supplies or hospitals;  hundreds of thousands have fled to Russia.   But not to worry; they are adding charges like crazy.  Like Foghy, they are all quite sure that Russia had a hand in the downing of Maylasian Flight MH17, ’20,000 Russian troops are massed on the border’ (Kyiv claims 48,000), ready to invade Ukraine, and that Russians have been shelling Kyiv troops and paramilitary (Svoboda and Right Sektor neo-Nazis) positions.  No satellite images, faked or otherwise, are available this time, nor do we know if they took note of the Russian war games that took place last week, or if they simply understand that the Novorussyans are calling for Russia to help.  But just in case the latter might be so, as in: Russia comes to their defense militarily (doubtful, in my mind), we bring in Samantha Power’s warnings:

Plenty of loaded Power statements at the link, including:

There are international aid organizations already operating in Ukraine. They are perfectly capable of delivering any aid Russia provides without giving Russia a way to introduce more troops and arms into Ukraine. ‘Humanitarian assistance should be delivered by the international humanitarian organizations that have the expertise, experience, and independence to provide it.’

But oh, my; while we were distracted, how many of us saw this?  On August 4, Renee Parsons published ‘The Russia Aggression Act: Senate Bill Preps for War with Russia’ (S 2277) which she says will cost $117 billion, and is so provocative, irrational, paves the way for a first strike against Russia, that were there a serious anti-war movement in the US, its defeat should top any to-do list.

Twenty-three Senate Republicans cosponsored Bob Corker’s legislation, no Dems have, but as she says, it gives Obama massive cover for all of the items he’s already checked off the list. Even liberal darling Liz Warren, she snarls lightly. And given the Congressional calendar, it won’t be enacted any time soon.  ‘Bob Corker’s legislation that seeks to prevent “further Russian aggression toward Ukraine and other sovereign states in Europe and Eurasia.”  If there is any reader who believes that Russia has been the aggressor in Ukraine or elsewhere, this graphic video of civilian atrocities committed by Ukraine’s neo nazi National Guard ought to be enough to shake even the most apathetic population out of their indifference.”

Some of the items Parsons finds disturbing include (speaking of carrots ‘n sticks):

S 2277: Directs the President to submit a plan to Congress for accelerating NATO and European missile defense efforts.

Parsons: ‘Accelerating …missile defense efforts’ confirms that additional anti-ballistic missiles (ABMs), already in Poland and the Czech Republic, will be deployed elsewhere in eastern Europe as a provision to block retaliation from Russia after a US first strike.

As if NATO needs any accelerating, on a recent European trip, the globe-trotting president assured Poland and other eastern European countries of an extra $1 billion to pay for an increased US military presence.  It is no secret that eastern European leaders see Uncle Sam handouts as the gift that keeps on giving, a gravy train of empowerment – more jobs, more influence and greater prestige.  While Obama softly chastised its members to ‘do its fair share’ and ‘step up,’ each NATO country is required to contribute 2% of its GDP to defense, most have reduced rather than increased their payment. The largesse of the US taxpayer carries 75% of the NATO budget load.

S 2277:*Directs the President to impose significantly increased sanctions if Russian armed forces have not withdrawn from the eastern border of Ukraine, or if agents of the Russian Federation do not cease actions to destabilize the control of the government of Ukraine over eastern Ukraine, and if Russian armed forces have not withdrawn from Crimea – all within seven days after enactment.

Parsons: The requirement that Russia withdraw from Crimea, a tenet of the Neanderthal  School of Foreign Policy, reveals a pitiful ignorance of the 200 year history of the Crimea as part of Russia and that the Donbas in east Ukraine has been a dominant Russian-speaking industrial epicenter since the 1930’s.  The US has informed the Putin government that it would not accept the legitimacy of the Crimea vote for secession to Russia with the time-honored concept of self-determination now verboten at the US State Department. (my bold)

S 2277:

* Directs the President to halt all redeployments of combat forces from Europe, and develop a plan to correct any deficiencies in the Armed Forces’ ability to respond to contingencies in Europe and Eurasia                                                                                                                    * Directs DOD to assess the capabilities and needs of the Ukrainian armed forces and authorizes the President to provide military assistance to Ukraine.

* Provides non-NATO ally status for Ukraine, Georgia, and Moldova for purposes of the transfer of defense articles or services as well as to increase U.S. armed forces interactions with the armed forces of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia.

* Secretary of State shall increase efforts, directly or through nongovernmental organizations, to improve democratic governance, transparency, accountability, rule of law, and anti-corruption efforts in the Russian Federation; strengthen democratic institutions and political and civil society organizations in the Russian Federation;  expand uncensored Internet access in Russia; and expand free and unfettered access to independent media of all kinds in Russia, including through increasing United States Government-supported broadcasting activities, and to assist with the protection of journalists and civil society activists who have been targeted for free speech activities.

Parsons: All of the above would be hilarious if it were not so pathetically hypocritical.  Every element of ‘improving democratic governance” is sorely needed in the US but then the American government excels at pointing the finger at others and laying blame when the US itself has been guilty of exactly what it accuses others of.

Another Really Big Clue from S2277:

*Amends the Natural Gas Act for expedited application and approval process for export to World Trade Organization members as well as urge the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Trade and Development Agency, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation,  the World Bank Group, and the European Bank for Reconstruction for “promotion of US private sector participation in energy development in Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova” for exploitation of natural gas and oil reserves.

Ah, yes, Parsons intones, ‘full spectrum dominance’,and links to a review of F. William Engdahl’s book by that name, describing US FP post-Soviet breakup in 1989, *not* yielding the much- touted ‘peace dividend’ promised, then links to a June, 2014 video of Sergei Glazyev, economic assistant to Russian President Vladimir Putin, laying out the current geopolitics as he sees them, including calling Ukraine ‘an occupied state’ with CIA and ‘military advisors’ ready and willing to invade the Crimea once the Donbass rebellion has been crushed.  Further ratcheting up calculations with war on Russia, she writes that Star Wars  (aka ABM’s designed to intercept ICBM’s but may also be used as an offensive weapon),  was tested ten days ago and deployed to the Romanian Russian border. Ay yi yi.

More on historical playbooks besides Engdahl’s, that seem to be in full effect with regards to Ukraine

In her ‘America’s Recruitment of Nazis–Then and Now: or: ‘Any bastard, so long as he’s anti-communist’, Luiana Bohne culls some of Christopher Simpson’s exposé, Blowback, to provide us with some history she believes parallels our nation’s clusterfuck skullduggery vis a vis Ukraine.

Put in the context of US foreign policy for rolling back communism since 1945, the overthrow and substitution of the elected Yanukovich government, as planned, staged, backed, and maintained in the coup’s aftermath by the US, leaps straight out of that era’s covert political warfare playbook.  “Political warfare,” which the Nazis perfected, combines propaganda, sabotage, and the training of “secret armies” for “counter-insurgency operations” (which translates in practice into population control by means of terror). That play had its premiere in 1953 in the CIA-orchestrated coup in Iran (after testing some of its destabilizing techniques in the 1948 electoral campaign in Italy, where communist victory was threatened and was, in fact, thwarted by these techniques). It enjoyed a run of seventy years on the world stage. Since 1989, it has been adapted, absent the supposed communist threat, to the effort of coercing the world into serving US economic interests’.

If the reader now glimpses a remarkable similarity between the 1949 JCS proposal and today’s aggressive posture toward Russia (including use of fascist shock troops in Ukraine), the effect was intentional. As in 1949, judging by their relentlessly provocative actions, today’s planners seem to think they can win a war against Russia. Much preferred would be “regime change,” but, failing that, a short, swift, tactical nuclear war might do the job of neutralizing a country, whose leadership appears to be determined on pursuing a path of independent economic development. It has to be pointed out, therefore, that the United States does not appear to be campaigning ideologically to re-establish fascism in Europe—much does it care about Europe, as Victoria Nuland so colorfully chose to put it in her infamously intercepted exchange with Ambassador Pyatt: “F**k the EU,” so long, of course, as the EU remains submissive and coordinated with US interests. Rather than re-introducing ancient fascism in Europe, the US is recruiting, training, and deploying the Neo-Nazistic paramilitary armies as instruments in quelling the probably predicted rebellion in Donbass through terror. (As I write, today, 50-pound ballistic missiles, capable of carrying nuclear warheads, have been dropped in the Donbass region.)’

Bohne’s piece contains a lot more geopolitical thought and writing than I can absorb, but again, you can find it here.

Want Moar Russian War Prep talk?

From Allied Command Operations, ‘DSACEUR and Senior U.S. Officials Discuss Ukraine Crisis’, including increased budgets, and moar work to be done to increase our capacity for moar…of everything military!  NATO summit in September! Wales or Bust!

Both the DSACEUR and U.S. officials stressed that European Allies have a key role to play in ensuring defence spending targets are met and that sufficient defence capabilities are retained to maintain the credibility and effectiveness of the Alliance.”

Gen. Dempsey: We’re Pulling Out Our Cold War Military Plans over Ukraine:  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs compares Russia activities to Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939; State Department makes new claims, but won’t show the evidence’

Sabre-rattling or loose-cannon neo-con war plans to crush The Bear forevermore?  You be the judge.


In late-breaking developments, yesterday Russia sent a convoy of 280 trucks filled with relief supplies toward the border.  They apparently worked a deal with the International Red Cross ahead of time; we don’t know the details, two IIRC spokespersons have given different statements on the deal.  But now the game is afoot.

The GuardianRussian aid convoy ‘will not be admitted into Ukraine:  Ukrainian spokesman says convoy not certified by Red Cross, raising fears that Russia could use initiative to send in troops’

An aide to the Ukrainian president, Petro Poroshenko, said Kiev would require the aid to be reloaded onto other transport vehicles at the border by the Red Cross if it was to enter. ‘We will not allow any escort by the emergencies ministry of Russia or by the military. Everything will be under the control of the Ukrainian side,’ the aide, Valery Chaly, said.

The US president, Barack Obama, has said any Russian intervention without Kiev’s consent would be unacceptable and violate international law.


From RT:  The convoy of 280 trucks dispatched on Tuesday ‘did not pass the ICRC certification,’ Andrey Lysenko said.

Presidential aide Valery Chaliy said Kiev wants the entire cargo to be unloaded on the border and transferred to Red Cross vehicles.

‘We will not allow any escort of the Russian Emergencies Ministry or Russian military,’ he said. ‘Ukraine will take responsibility for this procedure.’

Lysenko claimed that the convoy consists of repainted military trucks and is accompanied by an S-300 air defense system, according to the news agency Ukraine National News.

‘Odessa slaughter survivors reveal their side of story in intl photo exhibit’  (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, the United Kingdom, India)

What happened to that promised ‘Peace Dividend’ after the 1989 breakup of the Soviet Union again?

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