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Mr. Big – Green-Tinted Sixties Mind

LA Rockers, Mr. Big, announced a new studio album “…The Stories We Could Tell”

Rock supergroup Mr. Big have announced that they will be releasing their new studio album, “…The Stories We Could Tell” on September 23rd in North America.

The album features the original lineup of the group, vocalist Eric Martin, guitarist Paul Gilbert, bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Pat Torpey, and was produced by Pat Regan ( Deep Purple, Warrant and Keel.)

Martin had this to say about the effort, “We wrote songs individually and collectively on this new record. To me this is the album that we’ve threatened to make decades ago.

“A classic, groovin’, blues-rock record with the spirit and spark of our Rock & Soul idols from the 70’s. Hells to the yeah it’s a Mr. Big album complete with all the trimmings.

He adds, “I think whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or just starting, you’re going to dig where we are coming from and where we’ve been.”

Gilbert shares his excitement about the album, “This new album rocks!” exclaims Paul. “I love playing guitar, singing, and writing with Eric, Billy, and Pat. And after 25 years, I’m proud that we can make an album that is melodic, powerful, interesting, groovy, and emotional.”

The new album comes on the heels of the sad news that Pat Torpey has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and he will not be able to perform the full shows on the band’s upcoming tour, but the group expects that he will be on hand to take part in the their acoustic set during the shows and may join them for other numbers as well.

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