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Monday Science: Fukushima Update

The Boomslang is lethal, yet legal as a pet


Fukushima Update:

Well, Attaturk stole some of my thunder, so I’ll refer you there. I should note that 2021 date is fiction: They are unlikely to even be able to enter that part of #3 by then. And even if they do, I don’t know what they’ll find. That different explosion scattered fuel rod chunks everywhere and a lot of that is probably still in the building.

There is a way low estimate of 9,000 additional cancer cases due to Fuku. They are using bogus numbers to make the estimate even that low. A better number would probably be around 20,000.

The latest report says TEPCO underestimated Pu release by a factor of 200. Each report, the numbers get bigger. It’s like they’re breaking it to us gently. It’s worth noting again that nobody is sampling or testing for alpha emitters, like Pu or U. It’s more expensive, and the JG certainly does not want to know the answers officially.

They are admitting that the melt in #3 is exposed. First, there were no meltdowns. Then there MIGHT have been a meltdown, but the fuel was still in the RPV. Then there might have been meltdowns, it might have got through the RPV, but it’s still in containment. And so on…

The ice wall still won’t freeze. They are now considering adding dry ice to get it to freeze. How they will keep it frozen is not being discussed.

Well, it ain’t like we haven’t been predicting this. TEPCO is going to start dumping water directly into the ocean, after diluting it with other water to enable it to meet government standards. And pretending to decontaminate it. Note that their major decontamination plant has had nothing but trouble and it’s efficiency has been questioned. We’d best hope Japan’s fishing industry stops this. They’re powerful, but they’ve never really been tested against DESPERATE nuclear power supporters.

Doctors are describing an “outbreak” of cancer amongst Fuku exposed children. The JG still denies that it’s related to Fuku.

Molten Nuclear fuel particles have been found 130km away from Fuku. Zirconium also detected, which means it HAD to come from inside a fuel rod.

A new development that will enable us to scavenge electricity from waste heat. This is actually a practical device and the military is looking to use them to generate about 1000w in the new Bradley upgrade.

Major step forward for supercapacitors, basically putting them on par with lead acid batteries. Graphene, again. We’ve going to be seeing that stuff everywhere.

A water tractor beam. Imagine how useful that will be containing oil spills. Or collecting the trash islands. Or just messing with sea captains minds.

Meet the Boomslang! It’s bite will kill you horribly, yet it is legal for you to have as a pet.

Boxturtle  (I know one person who keeps venomous snakes. She makes good money selling the venom!)

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