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Late Night: You Petty Little People

Feeling sad the Robin Williams took his life? Sure, you grew up enjoying his performances on television, in movies, and on stage. He made you laugh time and time -and time- again. And that was what he lived for, your laughs. But you need to know what petty little nobodies you are.

Spocko has a nice thread going of reminiscence and appreciation for the talents of Robin Williams and the joy he gave us all. May he rest in peace and may his family take comfort in the outpouring of love for the man. Suicide is a tragedy, and for anyone whose mind tries to trick you into thinking it’s some kind of solution for your problems, please call the suicide prevention hotline before you do anything that will hurt you and your loved ones because it is something you can’t take back. There is always a better tomorrow, honest.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline



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