This info and link is to CyberBerkut who have now shed some light on the downing of MH-17. Cyberberkut is reporting they hacked Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoiskys assistants Facebook account and have produced

evidence it was he along with Ukrainian Minister of Defense Anatoliy Gritsenko who orchestrated the shoot down of MH-17. They have the screenshots to prove it.

Full transcript at the link:

Screenshots of the hacked account verifying the messaging are verifiable at the bottom of the link.


This information corroborates the fact that the recordings produced as evidence by the Kiev junta and US government were faked and uploaded the day before the plane was shot down as proven here.

This is the Russian digital audio analysis of the US’s social media ‘evidence’. It seems the audio files John Kerry cited were made the day before the crash and consist of different digital audio files digitally meshed together.

The Russians used sound spectrum analyzers and audio host software to show that the files were each different and comprised of various audio wavelengths that did not correlate naturally. A basic studio engineer could

have figured out that the files were fake.


Consider the fact the fake files were made the day before the plane went down and the US has now cited these files as their’official evidence’ one is led to ask….” is the US complicit in the atrocity, as whoever manufactured

the fake audio and video the US used as evidence – knew in advance the plane was going to come down?”. Keep in mind that it was the Ukrainian government who released the recordings to RIA Novsti 35 minutes after the plane went down.

Also consider the fact that if they had been actually monitoring the rebel commanders they most likely would have won the war by now as they would have been aware of troop movements. Obviously that isn’t happening.

Here is a You Tube video that shows clearly that the video used as ‘evidence’ by the US was created July 16th, the day before the plane came down.


The audio analysis combined with the new revelations exposed in Malaysia’s New Strait Times leads one to believe Kiev has not been honest with their statements.  New Strait times is one of Malaysia’s largest english language news organizations.


US analysts conclude MH 17 downed by aircraft- New Strait Times-Malaysia


KUALA LUMPUR: INTELLIGENCE analysts in the United States had already concluded that Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 was shot down by an air-to-air missile, and that

the Ukrainian government had had something to do with it. This corroborates an emerging theory postulated by local investigators that the Boeing 777-200 was crippled by

an air-to-air missile and finished off with cannon fire from a fighter that had been shadowing it as it plummeted to earth.

In a damning report dated Aug 3, headlined “Flight 17 Shoot-Down Scenario Shifts”, Associated Press reporter Robert Parry said “some US intelligence sources had concluded

that the rebels and Russia were likely not at fault and that it appears Ukrainian government forces were to blame”.

This new revelation was posted on GlobalResearch, an independent research and media organisation.

In a statement released by the Ukrainian embassy on Tuesday, Kiev denied that its fighters were airborne during the time MH17 was shot down. This follows a statement released

by the Russian Defence Ministry that its air traffic control had detected Ukrainian Air Force activity in the area on the same day.


The air to air missile theory fits the radar data that Russia provided during it’s official presentation of the monitored air corridor.

The official Russian government presentation of civilian radar telemetry evidence quite literally blows away the US’s pre-high school black and white static image presentation. The Russians radar telemetry

video includes real time flight patterns and monitoring of the other civilian airliners over the combat zone with geo spatial coordinates, time stamps and real time movement thereby proving it to be ‘verifiable evidence’.

The US presentation, on the other hand, includes no provable time and date stamp correlation or verifiable proof of location. The US ‘evidence’ also neglects to provide actual proof of a missile being launched.

The Russian Ministry of Defense have also pointed out that the US had two satellites directly over the crash area and asked them to release the video imagery from these satellites but thus far the US has refused.

The US has also refused to acknowledge the fighter aircraft that the Russians point out in their radar telemetry video.

Couple the poor US presentation with the refusal by Kiev to release the ATC radar data and air traffic control recordings plus the US refusal to release the radar data from ships monitoring in the Black Sea and

you have probable cause to believe the United States and Kiev are conducting a coverup of the truth in regards to the downing of flight MH-17. The fact they also lied about the Kiev juntas BuK missile systems

also puts their credibility in doubt. Here’s the Russia presentation for those that are seeking the truth and are not swayed by US government and media propaganda.


Video of radar telemetry-

Full presentation including location of Ukrainian BuK’s that Kiev lied about. What some in the US intelligence community are saying about the US’s use of social media evidence.


The above scenario also fits BBC witness testimony. Immediately after the BBC posted this report online the BBC took it down, but not before it was cached by observant posters. This information has been covered up by the US media.

In the video witnesses openly testify, directly after the incident, that they saw fighter jets in the sky. Even pointing out the direction they flew off in. The Kiev coup government has openly denied this is true…..even though they had

flown military jet sorties for 60 straight days previously they say they had no planes in the sky that day.


Judging from all the lies coming out of Kiev and the fact they still have not released the radar data while the Russian government has put out an impressive radar data presentation that shows all commercial air traffic in their respective

flight paths with corroborative times thereby proving it to be authentic as to the actual monitored airspace. Is it possible that Kiev, the US and EU are trying to figure out how to make all the data match their contrived narrative and

massive early media barrage that took place before the plane had barely hit the ground? Even the first OSCE observer on the scene states to CBC Canada that he thinks it looks like the plane was brought down by heavy cannon fire from a fighter jet.

Can we expect the US and EU media to change their narrative soon and blame Russian fighter jets? OSCE monitors remarks at 6:11 mark.


OSCE monitor Michael Buchurskus statement also matches the belief of German Aviation expert Peter Haisenko who closely has examined the photos of the wreckage. It is very telling. He believes fighter jets directly targeted the pilots.

Directly below is a high definition PDF close up of the pilots window panel. The photo is also available at his page. The concentrated area of holes is the same area the OSCE monitor is in reference to. It is quite interesting as

the majority of damage is at the pilots window while a missile normally would target the largest mass of a plane (i.e. The center by the wings). The type of holes are his main point. They do not match the damage consistent with

a missile and instead are more consistent with a 30mm heavy cannon which…incidentally, Ukrainian fighter jets are equipped with.


Another compelling aspect is that there is photographic verifiable evidence that the BuK missile system that the US cited as ‘the BuK missile system’ that took down MH-17 was actually out of range of the target area and could not

have reached the ill fated airliner. This information throws the entire US presentation into suspicion as it was physically impossible for that particular US cited BuK missile system at that particular cited location to reach the plane.

The OP at the link provides detailed analysis taking into consideration elementary physics applied to what is currently believed to be known about the downing of MH-17. Simply put, the plane was out of range of the BuK system

the US cited as the one that shot down the plane.

If you prefer not to use the Google drive file, the Vineyard of the Saker has the pics and physics related to the range of the missile and the speed of the plane here.


Verified lies in regards to MH-17.


The Kiev regime as well as John McCain and John Kerry have also been caught in an outright lie by stating that the Kiev regime did not possess any BuK missile systems and did not have them in the war zone.

That falsity has now been completely debunked at this point as the AP photographed the Ukrainian military with BuK’s near Slavyansk (not far from where the plane went down) and used them in a story on July 4th.

The verification of this simple Kiev lie adds credence to Russia’s statement of regarding Kiev’s use of BuK missile systems in the shoot down zone. In the video above Russia states that they were monitoring

multiple BuK radars when they went online. Russia also shows locations of the se Buk systems and points out that their radars were active prior to shoot down and went inactive and were moved after shoot down.

The fact the rebels have no planes leads one to ask why did the Kiev military need these surface to air BuKs?


Links here:

and here


The US media were complicit in lying about the rebels and their efforts at the crash site.

The lead Dutch Investigator gives the rebels high praise for helping collect victims and belongings. Proving the US mass media barrage to denigrate the rebels was intentionally misleading.

US media has also been caught lying about rebel theft of victims belongings.


Now after all the above if anyone thinks the Kiev junta couldn’t have done such a horrific thing to the innocent people on flight MH-17 please pay attention to the following videos.

Look at what they are and what they do.  How do you rationalize them killing all these women in cold blood in the street?


Finally here’s a great video that summarizes much of what I have posted here. The truth will win out.