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A solution to the Gaza blockade.

If Gaza and Israel could agree to build a conjoint sea-port on Gaza Northern border with Israel, placed geographically at the border. Both sides would also agree to inspections, either under the auspices of the U.N. or of both parties. Israel can then focus on developing tunnel sensing technology so Gaza can import as much concrete and construction material as wanted. The only caveat would be that  weapons and material to construct weapons would be forbidden. A “fair” list of that material should be agreed on (some fertilizers can also make explosives but are also needed by farmers). Of course Israel would take the risk that inventive Palestinians use dual use materials to make weapons, and it would probably mean that the next war will be as bloody as in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Sudan, and Iraq.

A whole post about Israel and the Palestinians without the word “Hamas” mentioned….oops. 🙂

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