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Megyn Kelly the next Lefty boycott target?

Every once in a while the Left boycotts a Media personality who uses lies to spread hate because their case is so weak they must lie to make it. If Divide and Conquer is how the 1% keeps power consumer boycotts against these Hate Mongers is one of the few ways we have to push back.  Glen Beck  lost his job because he accused President Obama of being racist.

After Beck accused President Obama of being a racist, Color of Change, an online advocacy group for Black issues, urged advertisers to boycott Beck’s program.[55] As of September 21, 2010, a total of 296 advertisers have asked that their commercials not be shown on Fox News during Beck’s programming[56] including Wal-Mart, CVS, Best Buy, GMAC-ownedAlly Bank, Travelocity, LexisNexis-owned, Procter & Gamble, Verizon Wireless, HSBC, Progressive Insuranceand GEICO.[55][57][58][59][60] Fox News has also had a difficult time selling commercials on The O’Reilly Factor and Fox and Friends when Beck appears as a guest on those shows as well as other Fox News shows. In the TV sales world Beck’s show has become known as “empty calories,” meaning that he draws great ratings, but he’s toxic for ad sales.

My bold Sure in Right Wing circles it makes perfect sense for a rich white guy who is against civil rights to call an African American a racist but in the Real World we call this projection, we call it lying, we call it stupid and it pisses us off. It also even worst costs Fox News money./s

A Fox News spokesperson explained Monday that conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck left the network not because he was safeguarding his spirituality, but because “he was trying to save his ass” after a massively effective advertiser boycott.

“Glenn Beck wasn’t trying to save his soul, he was trying to save his ass,” a Fox News spokesperson told Allen in an email. “Advertisers fled his show and even Glenn knows what that means in our industry.

 The Rush Limbaugh boycott was sparked because Rush went personal  he called college student Sandra Fluke a slut for testifying about why birth control should be paid for by health insurance.  My view on this is women should only have kids when they want to have kids why a mother who does not want to have a kid will be a bad mom. Birth control is cheaper than welfare. Plus expecting women and men to wait until they are married before having sex is unrealistic and has never been successfully done by any society.  

Rush did not have a logical point to make so he went emotional and appealed to greed and hate to make his point.  Sandra was a Slut he said who wanted Rush and other tax payers to pay for her promiscuos life style.  Somehow I doubt that even a tub of lard like Rush was a virgin when he got married or that Rush waits until he is married between divorces to have sex again. 

 Clear Channel the company that owns the radio stations Rush broadcasts on is losing money because of the Flush Rush boycott but because of the boycott and Rush’s huge contract Clear Channel has lost $850 million.


Clear Channel   “May 23, 2014? “has debt that’s 12 times its earnings and a credit rating that implies a default is a virtual certainty, it was still able to more than double the offering to $850 million.”


So what are the points of similarity between these 2 boycotts and Megyn Kelly of Fox News?

First of all Megyn thanks to her high ratings is almost as important as Rush or Glen were before we boycotted them the Left does not waste effort on small fry. Megyn is almost important enough for us to boycott when her next big controversy comes.

Next we notice Glen lying about Obama being a racist and we notice Rush calling Sandra Fluke at Slut spreading hate Megyn on Gay issues does both.

In spite of the Family Research Council being declared an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center due to its long history of attacking the lgbt community via lies, bad science, and unsubstantiated charges, according to Equality Matters, (FRC president) “Tony Perkins has appeared on Megyn Kelly’s shows more than all other Fox News programs combined over the past two years.”

While Megyn is careful to have her guests do the lying and emotional appeals to hate much like Pontius Pilate washed his hands, Megyn wants to keep her hands clean, she wants to be able to  deny  that she said anything bad, she does not want to be the next Glen or Rush.
   But tell me Megyn do you not book guests to talk about the subjects you want them to talk about? Do you not have fact checkers Vet your guests on what they will say before hand to make sure you and your guests don’t don’t go over the time allotted for discussion on the topic you discuss?  Can’t do that unless you know what your guests will say approximately ahead of time.  
Poor Megyn given your youth and looks you could have helped Fox get younger Viewers, Women Viewers, gotten your show better ratings,  and job offers from other networks which you could have used to leverage better pay for yourself.

All you had to do was find a topic or two that  attracted  Women voters, younger Voters that had broad appeal and that was not being covered by the other Network News,  Women not getting equal pay for equal work,  the fact that even if Women wanted to be stay at home moms they have to work because many men don’t make enough to support a family are examples of underreported news stories that appeal to Women.

Israel’s Genocide of Palestinians for example or Global Warming are issues ignored by the network news that younger voters are interested in.

But the numbers of youth who support Gay Rights most of whom are not Gay killed that idea Megyn now you are radioactive  on a Network which already hurts your career because African Americans and Hispanics, Gays, Young People and increasingly Women as Fox News increasingly attacks Hilary don’t watch your Network!

That leaves the Megyn Kelly Brand as far as advertisers are concerned a shrinking demo thats literally dying off of old Age, the  Anti Gay, Racists Demo is not coveted by advertisers because they tend to buy only what they need.

They buy low cost items like adult diapers, Geritol, and 100% whole bran. Advertisers like young people who buy on impulse, who buy expensive stuff, who have a lifetime of buying ahead of them, who’s numbers as well as earnings are growing not shrinking.

Given all the expected Focus on Hilary and or Senator Warren running for President we can expect Fox News to use Megyn as a woman to say mean things about both Hilary and or Senator Warren that a Man just can’t say.

Why would any tv anchor risk their own potential future earnings by unnecessarily alienating a growing demo in favor of a shrinking demo? Why would a tv anchor bring back guests who lie about and spread hate about potential viewers unless spreading Hate was more important to them than the truth?

Why would any advertiser advertise on fact free, hate tv, unless they also supported hate when there is a declining audience with declining purchasing power even without advertiser boycotts.  


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