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Come Saturday Morning: The GOP’s War on the Waitstaff Redux – Extra Special Rick Berman Edition

Ho-hum. Another big story broken by Bluestem that gets hijacked by certain local media lackeys without credit. We’ve seen this movie before.

This instance involves a new wrinkle in the Republican Party of Minnesota’s continuing War on the Waitstaff: namely, the River Oasis Café in Stillwater and its adding a “minimum wage fee” in protest of Governor Dayton’s successful push for raising the state minimum wage. Unsurprisingly, the hijackers missed a key facet of the story: the involvement of dirty trickster Rick Berman, a guy so vile his son has publicly disowned him.

As always, Bluestem has what the hijackers missed:

A reader sent us to Minimum-wage bill would deal a blow to Minnesota restaurants, a February 2013 opinion piece on Minnesota Public Radio by Michael Saltsman, research director of the Employment Policies Institute, which describes itself as “a nonprofit research organization dedicated to studying public policy issues surrounding employment growth.”

Interestingly enough, the River Oasis Café and its minimum-wage-hating owner are given prominent placement in the article, so much so that one would think that the EPI steered Minnesota Public Radio his way. And of course, they all predicted utter disaster if the minimum wage was raised:

Indeed, Saltsman’s group hates raising the minimum wage so much that in 2004, it predicted ruin for the state in Minnesota’s Proposed Minimum Wage Hike Harmful To Less-Skilled Employees And Welfare Recipients.

And in 2008, the EPI doom prediction was Raising Minnesota’s Minimum Wage Will Result in Job Loss for Low-Skilled Workers, in which we find a familiar name:

“Decades of economic research clearly demonstrate that minimum wage hikes result in job loss for the most vulnerable members of the economy,” said Rick Berman, Executive Director of the Employment Policies Institute. “The unintended consequences of this legislation would be pricing low-skilled working men and women in Minnesota out of the job market and increasing unemployment among those groups that need help the most.”

This is not the first time Sally Jo Sorensen has had occasion to write about Rick Berman, and it likely won’t be the last. She herself recommends you visit CREW’s Berman Exposed site for more on the man. There simply isn’t a single horrible thing, person or concept that he won’t shill for if you pay him enough money to do it.

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