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The Roundup for August 7th, 2014

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Hey folks, how are you doing this day?

International Politics


– Amy Goodman: “Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 69 Years Later

– The UN Security Council agreed to condemn attacks by Islamic State forces against minorities in Iraq

– Both Poland and Canada announced deals to help supply Ukraine ahead of an alleged Russian threat

Middle East

– Max Blumenthal: “How Israel Used Its Own Civilians as Human Shields While Assaulting Gaza“;  He also explains to The Real News the vile calls by lawmakers against Palestinians

– If there is anything we can be proud of, it is that there is a worldwide rebellion against crimes committed in Gaza

– A new poll found 92 percent of Palestinians in Gaza prefer a long-term peace deal. In addition, 72 percent would prefer a peace agreement with Israel

– With an Iraqi tribe trapped on a mountain and surrounded by ISIS forces, the U.S. is considering air strikes to help them

– Meanwhile, ISIS forces continue to succeed in their campaign in northern Iraq with the largest dam in Iraq captured; Very troublesome future

– Hamas said if their demands were not met, Israel would be attacked after the ceasefire ended


– Gallup: Only 48 percent of Africans believe in their judicial system

– Amnesty International calls the shelling of civilians in both Tripoli and Benghazi, both in Libya, a war crime

– Meanwhile, the situation in Libya is a consequence of the 2011 Western intervention where there were no other plans to help it after the fall of Qaddafi


– The so-called “freedom fighters” former President Bill Clinton stood behind in the conflict back in 1999 in Serbia were, according to a study, engaging in massacres, organ trafficking and other atrocities

Surveillance Planet

– Good news as Edward Snowden was granted three more years in Russia after his asylum period expired

Financial Matters

– Richard Wolff: “Poor Polls and Obama’s Missed Opportunity

– After an arrangement with Wall Street on tobacco deals made with tobacco companies, states were left with massive debts for health care

– Argentina filed a lawsuit in the International Court of Justice against the United States over its debt

– President Barack Obama stated he will act if companies continue to use the “tax inversionscam tactic

– A Federal Reserve survey found 25 percent of households are “just getting by

Labor’s a-Brewing

– It is troubling when Wal-Mart cares more about the sales of Pop-Tarts rather than their workers

Politics US

Washington USA

– Lawrence Wilkerson, a former Army official, talks about the death of a U.S. General in Afghanistan and the volatile situation in that country to The Real News; In other news, John Kerry visited Afghanistan unannounced to stabilize the situation

– A new poll found 70 percent of Americans were worried that undocumented immigrants threaten the U.S.

– Trevor Timm: “The CIA is getting away with keeping every important secret about torture

– A former representative looks back on Richard Nixon, why she voted to impeach him, and the importance of Watergate today

Anytown USA

– A study from Stanford University found whites, when told blacks are targeted by the justice system, support harsher punishments

– Good news as Theodore Wafer, the man who killed Renisha McBride, was found guilty of second-degree murder. Natasha Lennard has more.

– Is it a surprise New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio upheld the “Broken Windows” theory? Not really.

We Don’t Need No Education

– Gallup: Students with debt also face higher stress levels and less wealth in the future compared to other groups without debt

– It seems a professor’s comments on Gaza jeopardized a potential job with tenure at the University of Illinois

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The U.S. told officials in West Africa affected by the Ebola outbreak that it would have to wait months for experimental durgs as there were not enough supplies

– Are U.S. poultry firms affected by the Russian ban on agricultural? Not really.

The Second Sex

– Pew: 23 percent of Americans prefer a female boss over a male boss.

– Bad news. The wage gap between mothers with children and those without children was the same in 2007 as it was in 1977.

Planet Earth

Part two of five with Chris Williams on why it is necessary to keep fossil fuels in the ground in order to move toward a stable environmental future

– Despite a chemical plant in St. Louis, Mich., closing down decades ago, the residue of chemicals still harms the bird population in the town

– A new study recommends telling climate change skeptics the science behind climate change making it easier for them to make the best choices

– Meanwhile, the effects of climate change are widespread with forests in Europe as one victim

– The Environmental Protection Agency will begin to regulate coal ash, found to be harmful for humans if ingested, so it can be properly disposed of

– With little options remaining amid a devastating drought, Orange County, Calif., will convert toilet water to tap water

Mixed Bag

– Gallup: Out of all the ethnic groups in the U.S., Hispanics say they are the most positive about their state of living

– Molly Crabapple: “Slaves of Happiness Island: Abu Dhabi and the Dark Side of High Art

Break Time

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.