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Plan of Action for Gaza

This is a short diary so I will make my point clear. I am planning to head to the Gaza Strip to see the damage first hand and help some people along the way. I want to get my own perspective on the situation in Israel and have a fresh perspective. Question: good idea or bad idea for me to head there? Let me know because I want a second, third, fourth, and fifth opinion on the matter. Thank you.

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I am a libertarian who supported Ron Paul in the 2008 elections and I intend to support him in 2012. I am an open minded college student who has joined atheist, socialist, and feminist organizations to understand their message and to convey my message of liberty in an effective manner. I am up for debate but I always know when we can reach common ground. I live in West Texas and have lived here for my life. I love to listen to progressive metal like Dream Theater, thrash metal like Metallica and Pantera, but I love to eat all sorts of food that tickle my taste buds.