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Hey folks, how are you doing this Wednesday?

International Politics


– Journalist Glenn Greenwald visits The Real News to discuss U.S. involvement in Israel’s wars against Palestinians

– UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon: Israeli attacks on UN schools are “outrageous, unacceptable and unjustifiable” and deaths in Gaza “have shocked and shamed the world

Middle East

– Journalist Dennis Bernstein talks to two people in the Gaza Strip about what they have experienced so far and what they think should be known to the world; A doctor in Gaza writes on her experiences as well here

– The damage to the Gaza Strip is at $5 billion and 40,000 homes had been severely affected

– Good news, however, as the truce was extended after Israel agreed although it is unknown for how long

– As a result of car bombs and clashes in different areas, at least 111 people were killed in Iraq

– Bad news as Islamic State forces have surrounded an Iraqi tribe of 40,000 on a mountain. If they leave, they die. If they don’t, they could die as a result of dehydration.


– In what appears to be an unintentional attack, 18 people, all Sudanese workers, were killed by a rocket in Tripoli, Libya

– Despite stating his recent visit to Africa had nothing to do with China, President Barack Obama criticized China while meeting with African leaders in Washington

– The Benghazi Revolutionary Shura Council, an extremist group in Libya, stated they have control of Benghazi

Asia and Oceania

– A U.S. drone strike killed seven alleged militants in Pakistan, specifically North Waziristan


– The Prime Minister of the Netherlands stopped the search at the MH17 site for security concerns

– Steven Beller, a scholar on anti-Semistism, Jewish and Austrian history, offers an alternative explanation for so-called “anti-Semite” attacks in Europe

– Spain is the next country to criticize Israel’s actions in Gaza by suspending weapon sales to Israel

Surveillance Planet

– The U.S. government believes someone is acting like Edward Snowden and sending documents related to national security

– Emptywheel: “Government Continues to Freak Out about the Intercept, Raise Its Profile

Financial Matters

– In response to sanctions by the EU and the U.S., Russia banned all agricultural imports from the U.S.; The White House states it will hurt the Russian economy

– Dean Baker: “Expensive Drugs and Medicaid

– Speaking of expensive drugs, patients with AIDS assert companies, as a result of the Affordable Care Act, are making HIV and AIDS drugs more expensive

Labor’s a-Brewing

Part two of two on the consequences of the PATCO strike in 1981 such as other workers not striking in solidarity

– A manufacturing plant in China exploded killing 75 workers, which highlights how the push for capitalism disregards safety for profits

Politics US

Washington USA

– If there is anything comical about Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), then it should be how he ran away from two DREAMers in a restaurant

– Meanwhile, journalist Michael Arria writes on the ongoing tension between MSNBC and Rand Paul

Anytown USA

– Part two of two with journalists Fern Shen and Mark Reutter on issues in Baltimore, Md.

– With the NYPD following the “Broken Windows” theory, it makes them go after minorities more

– Kit O’Connell wrote a great piece about Texans marching for Gaza so check out the piece here

We Don’t Need No Education

– Kentucky State University workers will see a raise in pay as the interim president decided to cut his own salary to fund theirs

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Asian-Americans students feel stress and low self-esteem most of the time, what forces make them feel such way?

– After receiving a mixture of experimental drugs, two Americans with Ebola are appear to be recovering

– Meanwhile, the death toll in West Africa by Ebola is at 932 as Nigeria attempts to get isolation tents

The Second Sex

– For the first time in NBA history, a woman was hired as the assistant coach of the San Antonio Spurs

– Jessica Valenti: “Welcome to the beginning of the end of the anti-abortion movement

Planet Earth

– Part one of five with activist Christopher Williams on the necessity of preventing climate change’s effects as there is no magic bullet to save us

As a result of public and legal pressure, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will stop using GMO crops and pesticides on wildlife refuges by Jan. 2016

– As a drought affects the Lakota Sioux in South Dakota women there are working to help their community get their needs

A new study found the world’s oceans have more man-made mercury than thought

Mixed Bag

– Pew: It is a mixture of good and bad news in terms of robotics and AI in the future

– Based on pot smoked per capita, the UN notes that Iceland leads in that category

– “New Law Requires Welfare Recipients To Submit Sweat To Prove How Hard They’re Looking For Job” Even if it’s by The Onion, you have to admit it wouldn’t be surprising

Break Time

Gimme Shelter [The Rolling Stones]

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.