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Over Easy: Monday Science

Please Curb your Nuclear Power Plant

Good Morning!

Fukushima Update:

They’ve discovered an “island” of debris from the Tsunami off the coast of Calif. It’s hot, of course, about 300x normal but not in the danger zone. You wouldn’t want the crap on a beach near you, though.

And it’s not the only place things are piling up. Canada’s government is only slightly less in denial about the risks demonstrated by Fukushima, they’re pretty heavily in the nuke industry’s pocket as well.

TEPCO is still pretending that the ice wall will solidify and then miraculously work! 15 tons of ice a day isn’t enough, but basic math would have told them that.

Radioactive dust from cleanup work is reaching places 60km away from the plant. They probably should evac additional areas because of this, but they won’t.

And Japan’s plan for “temporarily” storing Fuku debris hits a major snag as property owners refuse to sell or rent for that use.

Oh, and while the government is still SURE that nobody on the USS Ronald Reagan is suffering from Fuku exposure, over 1750 sailors on the ship suffer from “ill defined conditions.”

Oh, by the way, there is 11,000 tons of VERY hot wastewater in the tunnels between the #2 & #3 reactors. WARNING: PDF.

WIPP update: Expect radiation spikes, meaning the WIPP is leaking. They are now saying 368 containers are at risk, but they’ve given a different count every time.  Even so, the current plan is only to close panel 6 and part of panel 7 and eventually accept waste into the other panels. This gives you an idea of how desperate the government is to move this crap from LLNL to someplace where they can pretend it’s contained.

In Australia, the aborigines hunt lizards by setting bush fires. Which oddly helps the kangaroos!

We now have a diode laser that will cut 1/2 inch of steel. WAY more powerful than any diode laser to date.

We’ve designed a material that should be superconducting at comparatively high temperatures. Now we just have to make the stuff.

We can now make solar cells by spray painting.

Neat new catalyst for turning CO2 into methanol.

Octopus that guarded it’s eggs for 4.5 YEARS, not observed eating for the entire time.

Boxturtle (Farmers market was full of baseball tomatoes. I yelled at them)

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