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Late Night: The Good News

Navy experiment captures carbon from seawater and turns it into airplane fuel

Consider this a public service to combat the wiles of the professional psychic vampires out there who aren’t happy unless they’re driven people to top themselves, preferably in the vamps’ presence:

— A five-judge panel in Uganda struck down the unbelievably nasty anti-gay law being heavily pushed by well-funded American conservative religious groups. Seems that the member of Uganda’s parliament responsible for getting the law passed hadn’t bothered to wait until a legal quorum existed, possibly because she knew that the law wouldn’t have passed with a full quorum.

— By the way, in view of the marriage equality snowball that’s become a marriage equality avalanche, Glenn Greenwald pegged this nearly a year and a half ago, and took to task the energy-sucking defeatism promulgated in many quarters on many issues: “Defeatism is more often than not a psychological instrument designed to relieve one of the responsibility to act (if change is impossible, then I have no reason and no obligation to work or take risks for it). That is bolstered by the effort of all ruling interests to instill a sense of powerlessness and hopelessness in those they suppress; systemic power abuses are, above all else, designed to persuade people of the futility of opposition, to adopt a defeatist mindset. But it is a mindset that finds little to no support in political history. The rapid and relentless dismantling of the anti-gay legal and societal framework in the US is yet more proof for that proposition.”

Susie Bright is still writing. Find her on Facebook.

— From Jim White this morning, we find that the good news for US residents WRT Ebola is that its methods of transmission preclude it spreading in countries with modern health systems. (The bad news for Sierra Leonians: Their country spends a pittance on health care.)

— Seven months into legalization of marijuana in Colorado, and not only has disaster not occurred, but the state is saving money on arrest and incarceration costs as well as getting money injected into the state treasury.

— Oceangoing vessels and even airplanes may soon be able to use seawater as fuel.

So what’s the good word with you tonight?

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