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Giving Candy Bars to Violent Criminals

Order the Book ” The Psychopath Whisperer” from the library yes the name is goofy.  Skip to page 218 where the book describes a program for kids who were kicked out of 2 juvenile detention facilities (kid’s Prisons ) for being too violent.

       Instead of even more punishment they did a rewards system stuff as small as candy bars for good behavior to letting them play video games in their cell. Why because some people do not respond to fear as a motivator for learning many if not all these people are psychopaths. I have not finished the book I hope they clear that question up.

   Anyway If you try and punish Psychopaths they get angry and do more stuff to incur punishment which forces the guards to become even more brutal. Rewards not punishment works for the most violent also the State of Wisconsin tracked these kids they were more than 50% less likely to commit another crime than the normal kid prisoners who were not in the program. Remember these kids were the worse of the worse. Also the kids not in the program killed 16 people in a 4 year period after they got out of prison. The kids in the program killed not a single person again despite having been kicked out of at least  2 juvenile detention facilities (kid’s Prisons ) for being too violent.

Once again the Left is right about an issue. We were right about the wars, we were right about deregulating the economy creating a housing bubble and a banking crisis.  Anyway read the book its a great read.

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