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Boston Bombing News: The Silva Arrest Is Just Another Exhibition

In the last BBN thread of July 24th by jane24, we were informed of and went on to discuss the arrest of Stephen Silva, another acquaintance of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.  From the night of Silva’s arrest, one witness described what he saw.  He said “officers swarmed the building Monday night, many of them in plain clothes and driving undercover vehicles.  “They rolled in at least 16 cars deep,” he said. “All you hear are car tires screeching.”  All this for one 21 year old accused of selling heroin and of having owned a gun over a year ago.  If Silva’s case isn’t several examples of déjà vu, I don’t know what is.  Another example of familiarity is the leaks just keep occurring.

The Boston Globe reported on July 22nd:  a Ruger pistol . . . , the same model alleged to have been used in the shooting of MIT police Officer Sean Collier days after the bombings.  However, the report goes on to say, The US attorney’s office in Boston . . . declined to say if the arrest of Stephen Silva . . . is related to the Boston Marathon bombing investigation.  Details of the gun case remain unknown, and law enforcement officials would not comment.  Sounds to me like The Globe’s Patricia Wen and Milton Valencia chose the wrong law enforcement officials to interview.  They should have talked to the “leakers.”

The next day, July 23rd, The Globe reported that Silva was arrested this week on a gun charge that could indirectly link him to the death of an MIT police officer.  Not to mention the insinuating headline of this article, Gun charge tied to Collier shooting, lawyer says, when the body of the article reads, Silva’s court-appointed lawyer, Jonathan Shapiro of Boston, said Wednesday that he was informed by federal authorities that his client’s gun charge is related to the Collier shooting.  Tisk, tisk Globe.  And, of course, The Globe could only quote officials thus:  Federal law enforcement and MIT officials have declined to confirm that their probe focuses on the possibility that Silva provided a gun to the Tsarnaevs . . . 

One more from The Globe on July 25th says that Stephen Silva . . . was identified by a number of news outlets as the source of the gun used to kill Collier.  The media identified him.  Of course they did.  Just as if they were speaking for Ms Ortiz herself.

The point I am trying to make from these three reports from The Boston Globe is they are trying  influencing readers with information from “leaks”, rather than reporting the news.    The feeling of déjà vu, trial be media.  Of course, The Globe is not alone.

In an ABC News (in my opinion the lowest form of life in the media world along with their very “best” reporter Michele McPhee) Headline:  Official:  Gun Shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Played Greater Role in Bombing and Aftermath.  WHAT?  According to this “official” and ABC News, it’s certain that Dzhokhar killed Collier.  From what evidence, a similar gun that his friend had 2 months before the bombings?  However, a high-ranking law enforcement official said that while Tamerlan may have used the Ruger last, it was Dzhokhar who was friends with Silva and in the end, “it was Dzhokhar’s gun.”  It was Dzhokhar’s gun, because he was friends with Silva.  Thank you Mr. high-ranking law enforcement official, we no longer need a judge and jury in the Collier murder case.

According to the Daily Mail, The 9 mm Ruger pistol described in the indictment is the same handgun that was used to kill MIT police officer Sean Collier during the manhunt for the bombing suspects, according to the two people, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the investigation.  I’d sure like to know who these two anonymous cowards are!  I wonder if Judge O’Toole is as interested?

Again from The Globe on July 23rd,  investigators were ultimately able to discern the gun’s (the one found at the Watertown shootout used by Tamerlan) serial number, even though attempts had been made to obliterate it.  Based on that, authorities traced the gun’s original purchase to a store near Portland, Maine, and to two people with alleged criminal ties (an alleged gang leader called Biniam “Icy” Tsegai from Eritrea, the same country Silva is from).  The article did not explain how authorities believe that the gun got from Maine to the Tsarnaev brothers in Massachusetts.  Aha!  Maybe the gun traveled magically from Maine to the Tsarnaevs the same way their Magical, Flying Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang Honda traveled.

Who is to say that Stephen Silva didn’t actually kill Collier with his own serial number-obliterated 9mm?  Or maybe someone else, the gang from Maine/Eritrea?  How is Silva connected to the alleged gang leader from Maine other than being from the same country?  Why does it have to be “related” to Dzhokhar?   Is it indeed the same gun that Silva alledged had possession of before the bombings?  Has it been reported or confirmed that Collier was shot with 9mm bullets?

 And finally, also from the Globe’s July 23rd report, A longtime Cambridge friend of Silva’s . . . said it was well known among many friends that he was involved with marijuana.  But the friend said he was stunned that Silva was possibly involved with selling heroin or providing guns to others.  The friend, . . . , said Silva was part of a group of friends from Cambridge who enjoyed getting high, listening to rap music, and cracking jokes.  “We were just chilling and smoking,” the friend said. “It’s summertime; we just chill.”  He said the subject of guns never came up in conversations, and he never saw Silva or any of his friends with weapons.  “I’ve never seen any of these dudes with guns,” said the friend.  Here again is what many of us here at BBN believe, these young men were just hanging out and smoking weed, not criminals.

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