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VIDEO: Hug a Terrorist; Commentary From Jon Snow You’ll Never See In America

These are two, I presume, Palestinian girls who symbolize the actual victims of this massacre

And Jon Snow, from Channel 4 in Britain, with an editorial on what he’s witnessed:

People can say what they will about that Israeli government manufactured terrorist organization. And people can say what they want about the rockets fired from Gaza, but what the rockets actually are in the vast, vast, vast majority of cases are glorified backyard enthusiast type rockets. And not that they won’t harm anyone, it’s about proportion. And not that they don’t have a few larger ones, like the M-302’s. It’s still about proportion, and the true victims.

Stop the massacre!

PS And please, don’t anyone make a blanket determination and conflate the two separate entities; the Israeli Government and all of the people of the Jewish faith in this situation. Because there are many Jews who deplore the actions of the government of Israel.

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john in sacramento

john in sacramento