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Cowards Prosecute the Small Fry & Leave the Big Time Criminals Alone


There is a hole in those organizing against “Too Big Big to Fail” unlike in Ireland there is no organizing to put these criminals involved in jail.


People complain of Reagan’s secret treason during the Iranian Hostage Crisis, and somewhat close to death Dick Cheney being somehow in a bunker during 9/11 and other hints of at least prior knowledge etc. However there are some healthy criminals who never go to jail. Some right now with a scape goat to go trial instead.


Of course there are those who are very sloppy and confess right away like Bernard Madoff, but if they arrrange for someone else to be in the limelight that person goes to jail instead.


The most noted example is Michael Jackson’s sister La Toya was terrified that the record companies were forgiving him for missing a rehearsal by repeatedly scheduling an impossible to meet workload and they were trying to keep Michael away from her and she cried that they were trying to murder him even before he died.


Then his doctor Conrad Murphy was charged with manslaughter, and she want along with punishing him instead until after he was sentenced. Now says he was the fall guy. If she instead had refused to go along with being distracted his arrest, then perhaps the real murderers would have charged. (more recent examples later),



Conrad was finally doing his job and weening the protesting Michael Jackson off of anesthesia, as Michael was looking for anesthesia elsewhere. The night Michael was shot up with an overdose Conrad was distracted, while watching Michael, by an important cell phone call promising him a fantastically better job, as if the person who supplied Micheal’s overdose called to caller to distract Conrad.

Something similar is happening in Philadelphia. The porn store and theater next to the Salvation Army was being raised with lightning speed. However, Richard Basiciano who owned most of the block and had earlier tried to buy the Salvation Army site showed up there the day the store wall fell on the Salvation Army now killing the seventh victim who just recently died of his injuries. Richard Basiciano demanded that the pron store be finished being torn down that day or else no one would be paid.


Immediately the limelight fell on Crane Operator, Sean Benshop who is for over a year in pretrial detention without bail as the prosecutor is in no hurry for a trial date. The people who removed the salvageable pieces before the crane operator got involved seem to be ignored by the media and prosecutor.


There are in Philadelphia prior examples in Philadelphia of important people not being charged such as, football great Marvin Harrison who shot Dwight Dixon Harrison but was never charged,


The state and Federal prosecutor didn’t get involved. However a rap artist went to jail in a jail in Philadelphia in a similar circumstance.


How different it is when lower persons are involved. The Republican State Prosecutor sent a sting after six black Philadelphia politicians, which her Democratic replacement dropped as flawed. Vanessa Jones and the others were offered a supposed bribe to vote against requiring a voter ID, something every Philadelphia politician already believed in. Vanessa Jones likely the poorest member of the state representatives. Vanessa Jones kept begging at the so-called bribe offerer for other things she wanted in no way offering favors for what she was begging for.


Now City DA Seth Williams set upa grand jury for persecution purposes.


likely to happen after the general election. Vanessa is only being challenged is Green Party activist Glenn Davis who is ironically poorer than her, fighting foreclosure and for a while had his electricity shut off and was out of a job since as an activist joining the $15 an hour campaign, McDonald’s scheduling his hours for when he had to take his kids out of day care. The other $15 an hour protesters also had their work schedule replaced with schedule when they were busy elsewhere.


Shame on Seth Williams for ignoring Richard Basiciano, and on former “Tough Cookie” DA Lynne Abraham for ignoring football star Marvin Harrison.


Back to the Salvation Army collapse, and Sean Benshop and and Griffin Campbell facing a murder trial. With Sean Benschop 100% of his official salary was being seized for back taxes, being totally dependent on the cash Richard Basiciano gave him daily. The demand that he finish knocking the Porn Shop wall that day or not be paid put him in a corner.


It looks like, as with Michael Jackson’s murder, history might be repeated with the relatives of the dead victims now happy to see Sean Benschop and Griffin Campbell facing trial, and will likely dwell on the real murderers after those two are in jail. Only by coming to at least to Sean Benschop’s defense could there now be justice against Richard Basiciano.


Richard Basiciano has made a lot of money in the area due to gentrification. It is sad that money the Salvation Army ended up being paid to the victims of the collapse and their relatives, and to giving up the site for a Memorial Park which mysteriously was started but never finished, which Richard Basiciano probably won’t let be built unless it includes a permanent fence to keep the poor out which is only unlocked on ceremonious occasions.


In some ways the following link is a clearer example or highlights the above. ReaderSupportedNews comments never close and unlike in past sites are easier to access.


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I'm retired in Philadelphia. Non religious but there seems to be a life force that I see as more personal than is usually expressed.

I was raised a Quaker (common with Christian Jewish intermarriage back them) But my father was a total pacifist and during World War II, at the time that being so was difficult.

Upbringing included father trying not to get physical, yet still defend us kids from my harsh stepmother until she got her citizenship papers, after which they could get divorced. Been involved in peace issues since the anti-fallout shelter protests through Vietnam and Iraq.

I wrote "Greedy Little Squirrels and Lifeboat ethics,” 1977, when the Moonies were coming to America and got heavily harassed by them. I also think bin Laden is extremely dangerous like the leader of a barroom brawl, who has been manipulating this country into using the US to get Muslims angry enough to join his suicidal permanent war group. Before 9/11 young Muslims rebelled by wearing by covering their hair a little less than expected and at least winking at each other, now he changed rebellion into being militancy. The Northern Alliance would have been legitimately in charge long ago had he not baited the US into entering Afghanistan.

Obama is making a mistake in my mind with how to stop bin Laden’s dream of permanent war in a divided world but less of a mistake than most anyone else would. If due to currency collapses from out ever more expensive weapons the US stops fighting al Qaeda, then other counties will. If it ends up being Iran, the Sunni Shiite divide will be enormous. Al Qaeda is already convinced that the atheist China is a serious enemy, and the Russians have fought for brutally and inadvertently convinced far more Muslims than the US did that they considered Islam itself to be the enemy.

I never stopped supporting Jimmy Carter when everyone turned on him and I support Obama as well, but think he will have to use a lot more persuasion and less force if they aren’t going to succeed at bankrupting us. However Obama has tried less force and al Qaeda has started to respond in kind trying to limit the victim’s in the way of their primary attacks.
Back up reference to above link,

Richard Kane (Philadelphia)
(More information if you google RichardKanePA