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I’ve made the big time

I thought Daily Kos was the Big Time.  Now I know that Fire Dog Lake is.  First of all, I can pronounce it.  Second of all, the site is in color.  Orange may be the new black but that goofy guy waving the flag has got to go.

I spent most of my day today listening to Rush Limbaugh live.  His advertisers are different when you monitor the show live.  Some stations stream his show but the ads are different.  Limbaugh’s handlers got wise to us right away.  Some of the local advertisers who don’t want us to bug them will not allow their ads on the streaming version.

Of course the risk in listening live is obvious.  Deja vu on the PTSD.  Fortunately I have a few friends who keep me from losing any more hair than I already have.  Our shared success is stunning.  Few of the drive-by media recognize what we have done.  But Clear Channel knows.

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