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Israel! Beware! The American Financial Aristocracy is Thinking of Writing You Off. Maybe.

I saw something I have never seen before today. A major American television news network, CBS, aired three, yes three, stories in a row that at least allowed for implicit criticism of Israel.

All three had the same focus, the deaths of hundreds of Palestinian children at the hands of Israeli air, rocket, and ground force attacks on Gaza. One even mentioned that while over a thousand Palestinians have died in Gaza since this latest round of insane, ethnic and religious bloodletting began, only 51 Israelis have died, 48 of them soldiers. They probably count the three Israeli teenagers who were kidnapped and murdered only  a few weeks ago, which is only fair.

I freely admit that my first socialist, cynical, and anti-imperial thought was “Why was this allowed?”

Then a possible answer. Our financial aristocracy may be beginning to see that continued investment in Israel is, well, unprofitable in the long run. Hell, most of the WORLD is sick of Israel. Is that little country with no oil, no profitable resources, no cheap labor force, worthy of supporting anymore?

Maybe. Or am I nuts?

Please let me know what you think.

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