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How Obamacare helped me

I wanted to post my personal experience with Obamacare and share with the members of FDL my story. As any one who has a read the few posts I have written in the past; read my comments or have spoken with me (Jane can verify) I think Obamacare is a sell out to Insurance, Big Pharma and others by Obama and the DNC at the expense of all of us. However events that are still on going have presented a positive experience for me with Obamacare and here is my story.

In April of this year I was made an offer from another company and I accepted it. During the interview process I had a biopsy of my prostate performed and was diagnosed with moderately aggressive form of cancer. My last day at the company was May 2nd so I had insurance coverage until my new job started at the end of May. I did my research, had a second opinion and was advised for many reasons that Proton Radiation would be the best choice of treatment for me. I checked with my insurance company (from the company I just resigned) and was told I would be covered. However in Orwellian fashion the insurance company refused to authorize Proton treatment!! I checked with my new company’s insurance plan and the same answer.

I talked with the Billing leader at the Hospital where I was going to get treated and was told I would have to pay about 60k if I wanted to get treated without insurance coverage. However  I found out the Hospital has a contract with a local insurance company and if I could get the coverage I would be accepted. Back to more research and phone calls. Since I was in between companies I could get Health Insurance on my own and no pre existing conditions applied and as long as I did not accept my company’s insurance plan I could take the insurance coverage as suggested by the Hospital. This was all due to changes made by Obamacare. I called the State Insurance commission and checked with 2 noted health care lawyers just to check and make sure I was on solid ground

I have had 14 treatments with another 14 to go and the cure rate is over 90%. Who knows if Obama cares that someone really benefited by this law or not but it did help me! Btw I will still not vote for anyone from a major party! Thought I would throw that in! 🙂

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