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German Industrialists Helped Hitler’s Rise; They Can Stop WW3 (Maybe)

(Of course, I don’t think that modern day German industrialists bear any culpability for the actions of their ‘fathers’ and ‘grand-fathers’. However, they do have a unique opportunity to sort of compensate for some of Germany’s historical shame.)

The following will be sketchy. I don’t have time for doing much more.

Hitler’s rise in Germany was aided by German industrialists, who thought they could control Hitler and his thugs. They were quite mistaken……

The US’ war mongering against Russia, if it leads to hostilities, and goes nuclear, will likely result in some of the Russian nukes being used in Germany. It’s doubtful that such hostilities would lead to a full nuclear exchange between the US and Russia – everybody would lose such a war.

Even so, just one nuclear detonation on your soil will likely ruin your economy for a few years – and what if there’s more than a few? Say, 5 or 6?

Because of the rogue nature of the US, NATO should be replaced with a purely European organization. This is anathema to the US elites, so the question arises of what more plausible scenarios could be embraced by citizens that could help avert the folly that the US is threatening?

Germany would be safer with a diminished NATO, even if the above ideal scenario (NATO dissolved in favor of a purely European alliance) is implausible. Obviously, a Germany which has no Russian nukes exploded on its soil is also going to be more affluent. Much better for stock prices! 🙂

As the most influential European country in NATO, Germany could save the day by withdrawing from NATO, and letting it’s European neighbors know that some German boodle could be had by European allies who follow suite. With any luck, Germany would peel off at least half of European allies.

Merkel is a politician, who told Putin that he shouldn’t “think in the old way”. I frankly don’t know much about Merkel, but I would say that a German politician who abides their NATO ally to fund neo-Nazis in the Ukraine has no business telling any Russian leader how to think.

So, scratch the Merkel.

Enter the German industrialists (businessmen, generally)

Their corporate forbears helped lead the world into destruction. They have $$ and influence – this time around, they can help save the world from destruction. They can electorally threaten Merkel, and any other German politician who is sheepishly going along with the American orchestrated farce.

And they already have an unlikely ally, in the newish anti-Fed + anti-NATO-wars public gatherings that are going on in over about 123 German cities. (See my diary
Populist, Anti Fed Movement Up 23% in less than 1 month – “If you want to change something … you have to go on the streets” )

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