CommunityMy FDL European Anti-Fed Movement like “merger between OWS and Tea Party”; “What about Your City?”

The anti-Fed, anti-mainstream media, and anti-NAT0-wars Movement* that began in Berlin, had a big, centralized demonstration on July 19, that drew over 5,000 participants from all over Germany (and doubtless some other countries). They normally meet in over 123 different cities, on Mondays, in public areas.

Luke Rudkowski addressed this gathering, in Berlin is Inspiring the Next Revolution!.

In Berlin Woke Up, Now What About Your City?, Rudkowski interviews Berliners about the themes.

Some US citizens have started trying to make the movement grow in the US, namely in NYC and Santa Monica. I’ll guess that the reason I haven’t heard any reports (except for Rudkowski’s mention) is that they’re still in the embryonic stage.

At least, I like to think that’s the reason. Like Rudkowski, I wonder “What about your city?”

* Boy, do they need a concise name, or what? I nominate the “Kelly’s Heroes Movement”, since their fearless leader reminds me of Donald Sutherland’s “Oddball” character, in the movie Kelly’s Heroes.

More seriously, I like the (still playful) name “Spank the Bankers” movement.

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