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Come Saturday Morning: Fleet Farm’s Family Affair in MN-08

Really, the Republican Party of Minnesota apparatus in Minnesota’s Eighth Congressional District should rename itself “The Fleet Farm Family Flunkies”, because it certainly seems to contain a large number of them. The whole reason for the Minnesota CD8 GOP’s existence seems to be the facilitation of the tax-and-taker-hatin’ Mills Family’s desire to buy their heir and scion, Stewart Mills III, a Congressional seat.

As is the case with so many doings in Minnesota,
Bluestem Prairie
has the details:

Who gave to the [CD8 MN GOP] committee? The committee received $5,840.00 in small contributions, so most of the money is coming from deep pockets. Dennis Frandsen of North Branch, maxed out at $10,000 in June, as did Brainerd area business man Arnold Johnson and Stewart Mills III’s mother Sandra Mills. That’s $30,000.

In May, the candidate gave the committee $8,000, while his wife Heather and father Stewart each maxed out at $10,000. Guy Smith (a Wisconsin electrical engineer on board with the new Mills Fleet Farm going up in Mankato) and his wife, a homemaker, each gave $10,000. That’s $48,000 from Mills family members and business associates in May alone.

That’s $58,000 from the Mills family and business associates. Another $20,000 from two additional donors. It’s a relatively deep pool as far as a congressional committee goes in Minnesota, but not terribly broad.

All of that money is going to try to dislodge Rick Nolan, a longtime Democratic legislator who had been in Congress in the 1970s and came out of political retirement in 2012 to take out the supremely underwhelming Chip Cravaack, who had managed to surf the Tea Party wave of 2010 and spent the next two years ticking off his constituents.

As Bluestem’s Sally Jo Sorensen states, this is a lot more money than what’s being spent on Republican congressional candidate Torrey Westrom next door in the Seventh CD. And at least half of the money being spent on Stewart Mills III has his family’s fingerprints all over it.

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