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Israel Kills 15 At UN School As Protests Rock West Bank

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While Israel continually congratulates itself for sometimes texting Palestinian families to evacuate their homes before blowing them up, the IDF is also striking the places those families are evacuating to.

Yesterday 15 people were killed and dozens wounded at a UN school in Gaza after Israel struck the facility. UN personnel were among the casualties with Israel saying people were allegedly told to leave the school three days before it was attacked.

As Gaza faces a current death total surpassing 800 killed, Palestinians in the West Bank have taken to the streets in protest. Two protesters were killed as Palestinians and Israeli soldiers clashed in Ramallah City. The protesters plan to return to the streets today.

Though the State Department, through their spokesperson, celebrated “standing with Israel” against the Palestinians at the UN by being the only country to vote against a UN resolution to investigate the deaths of civilians in Gaza, a new poll suggests American opinion is souring on Israel’s heavy handed tactics among the younger generations.

According to Gallup, Israel’s supporters are mostly over 50 with a majority of  18-29 year old Americans (51%) considering Israel’s actions in the Middle East to be “unjustified.” The next generation of Americans seem appropriately fed up and unwilling to mindlessly support Israel as the current establishment in Washington does.

Given the demographic changes already putting pressure on Israel, the loss of American support could prove extremely problematic. Killing 800 Palestinians – most of which are civilians – and blowing up UN schools is probably not going to do much to secure a better future for Israel either.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.